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    Wiki History of Atherosclerosis Coronary Artery Disease

    Hi, Maybe the answer is obvious, but if someone is documented as having chest pressure with a history of atherosclerosis coronary artery disease and they also have a history of CABG, would the coding R07.89, Z86.79, and Z95.1 or R07.89, I25.10, and Z95.1?
  2. J

    Wiki J-Pouch with polyp diagnosis help!!

    I have a patient who had a total colectomy and has a J-pouch. They had a pouchoscopy which showed polyps that were removed, what ICD code would I use for polyps of an ileal pouch? The patient does not have any of their colon or rectum so I cannot use those codes, and the area of intestine is...
  3. M

    Wiki T50.905A

    Quick question, My allergist saw a patient using diagnosis T50.905A (Adverse effect of unspecified drugs, medicaments and biological substances, initial encounter) and the insurance is stating that this cannot be used as a primary diagnosis. I read the guidelines and there is nothing there...
  4. L

    Wiki neobladder ICD-10

    I'm having a hard time finding an accurate/proper code for neobladder. Z93.6 is what I have found but I don't agree with that code since it's considered an opening. Can someone provide some direction?
  5. H

    Wiki Pressure ulcer stage diagnosis

    **Posted on another thread, but trying to get as much input as possible** We are being told by our medical providers that a pressure ulcer will always be reported at it's initial severity for the duration of the wound, even if consistent care is being performed and wound is healing to a lesser...
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    Wiki Coding pressure ulcer stages, should ICD stage be updated during healing process?

    For wound care, we are asking our providers to updated their ICD-10 codes when a wound changes stages. Example Sacral pressure ulcer stage 4 at initial assessment, but as services are being rendered, after a few visits, the staging is now at a stage 3. ICD should be updated to reflect Sacral...
  7. K

    Wiki Third degree burns in multiple locations

    Hello, I have a question regarding burns. I recently did a practice case with a diagnosis of 25% body surface area burns on face, posterior neck, trunk, bilateral upper extremities, hands, left foot and ankle. The total body surface area addressed was 15% which were third degree burns. I...
  8. E

    Wiki Primary CNS Lymphoma ICD 10 code?

    What are your thoughts on the coding for Primary CNS Lymphoma of the Brain? I have tried searching it in the Index of the ICD-10 book, but I my surprise I am not finding it. When I look in my Encoder Pro, It brings me to the C83.__ or the C85.__. I am trying to help one of my brand new coders...
  9. K

    Wiki AAPC Certified Professional Coder 17+yrs Experience Seeking Position

    Seeking a position pertaining to any or all the following job duties; office or dept. management, physician credentialing, bookkeeping, accounting, and/or medical coding, within a well-established practice. Resume attached Note: Not exploring entry level positions.
  10. A

    Wiki Lateral Canthus Skin Cancer

    Hello, I am curious what people are using for diagnosis for lateral canthus skin cancers? For example, I have a patient who has has BCC of the lateral canthus of the left eye, its not specific to the upper or lower eyelid, its right in the center. What would you select as a diagnosis code? I am...
  11. J

    Wiki SNF primary dx for SDH

    Hello! Any help and input for this situation is very much appreciated! I have a new resident coming in from a long hospital stay (admitted 2/14/22). She was initially diagnosed in the hospital with acute on chronic subdural hemorrhage and multiple facial fractures resulting from a fall off of a...
  12. tetrok

    Wiki “Edema, bilateral lower extremities”

    Having a disagreement with billing the symptom of “edema, bilateral lower extremities” Colleague insists R60.0 Localized Edema I had been trained most specific code for this is R22.43 Localized swelling, mass and lump, lower limb, bilateral Tried explaining the medical definition of edema IS...
  13. J

    Wiki Bilateral Congenital Pes Planus- Podiatry

    Our podiatrist has been dx alot of Q66.51 and Q66.52 lately. Ins specifically BCBS is denying OV with these two dx codes. They say it is against ICD 10 guidelines. They also said we can bill one or the other not both. There isn't a specific bilateral ICD 10 code. Has anyone else come across this...
  14. K

    Wiki Bullous pemphigoid Home Health ICD 10 coding ??? HELP!!!!!

    I have a patient admitted from the hospital to home health and I am having difficulty coding the wounds for Bullous pemphigoid. I have the diagnosis for L12.0 Bullous pemphigoid.... I have the Z48.00, however, I am unsure about each wound ICD 10 code. I know they are autoimmune blisters that...
  15. C

    Wiki CPC 5 yr experience

    CPC certified, looking for a remote coding opportunity overseas, 5 years experience with ICD 10 and CPT coding. Looking for a position where my coding, technology, and organizational skills can be used to help a company to reach their goals. Willing to relocate: Anywhere Authorized to work in...
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    Wiki HELP- Coding T10-S1 Spinal fusion

    What would be the proper ICD 10 code for a spinal fusion of the T10-S1? It basically covers the whole spine so I'm not sure how to code that thank you
  17. C

    Wiki What is the time period for transition from remission to history of coding

    Coding ALL, CLL, and Multiple Myelomoa. When would you consider the patient past remission coding and use the history of codes?
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    Wiki ICD-10 coding for spinal cord stimulator

    This is the doctors notes for the procedure and Dx: CPT-4 and ICD-10 codes for Spinal Cord Stimulator pulse generator (battery) replacement, for a diagnosis of Spinal cord stimulator malfunction, battery end of life and failed back surgery syndrome. - I believe that the CPT code should be...
  19. C

    Wiki ICD 10 coding for Rectal pain?

    Hello, I work at outpatient hospital at cedars for pain injections. I have a ganglion impar block and the Dx in the notes is - rectal pain. What would be the proper ICD code for rectal pain?
  20. C

    Wiki Need help with 80305 diagnosis

    Help! I am new to a pain management practice where they frequently do urine tests. We use 80305 to bill the test and the ICD 10's that are typically mapped with the CPT are F11.20, Z51.81 and Z79.891. I was reviewing accounts and a lot of patient's have the F11.20 attached which from my...
  21. E

    Wiki Complicated and Routine Prenatal Diagnosis Coding

    I am posting this to seek clarification due to some mixed feelings had around using "Z" and "O" codes during a pregnancy. I do know that the ICD-10 Coding Guidelines Chapter 15 b. 1 and 2 state that Z codes cannot be used with O codes and visa versa. Obviously if there is a service for...
  22. P

    Wiki 2020 Excludes 1 note on k63.5 and D codes

    There is a new excludes 1 note on K63.5 (polyp of colon) and all D codes (adenomas of colon). As anyone who codes endoscopies knows, it's very common for hyperplastic polyps to exist along with adenomatous polyps, in the same area of the colon or in other areas... so I am confused as to why this...
  23. K

    Wiki Psych Eval for Spinal Cord Stimulator

    If a patient presents to the office (mental health outpatient) for a psych evaluation, and they have no history of anxiety or behavioral health issues.. What ICD 10 codes can be used ? (chief complaint is a need for a psych eval so they can be approved for a medical procedure (spinal cord...
  24. M

    Wiki CA Dx - WTC Twin Towers Medical Plan

    Hello, I have a patient who was involved in rescue efforts at the Twin Towers on 9/11. He subsequently developed cancer on his palate. The patient had surgery to remove the cancer, but this left a defect that needed surgery at a later date. That's where our plastic surgeon came into the...
  25. M

    Wiki All Chronic Conditions Master List

    Hi Everyone, Can someone please share a master list of all existing chronic conditions ICD-10 codes in CSV or excel format, or share a source from where I can download this info. I greatly appropriate your all help and time. Kind Regards, Muhammad Imran
  26. A

    Wiki Coding symptoms of TIA

    I have coders and auditors suddenly coding symptoms of TIA such as slurred speech, facial droop, parenthesis, etc. My understanding and coding practice has always been that only the code for TIA would be used as this is not coded the same way CVA is. Thoughts??
  27. M

    Wiki ICD 10 CM crosswalk/GEM ICD 10 WHO

    Looking for a crosswalk or GEM that would compare ICD 10CM codes used in the United States with ICD 10 codes used by the World Health Organization (WHO). I can't find a reference tool where these code sets are compared at a code level.
  28. A

    Wiki Billing for Lynch Syndrome

    Does anybody know what to do in regards to billing an EGD for Lynch Syndrome? Z15.09 (General susceptibility to other malignant neoplasm) has been getting denied by all insurances, but that's the primary reason for getting the EGD done.
  29. A

    Wiki Top 20 most commonly used ICD codes

    Hi! I'm a nurse/cpc/informatics specialist.. just wanted to know if you guys know any reliable source that would tell me the top 20 most commonly used icd 10 codes? thanks :)
  30. I

    Wiki New fx (periprosthetic?) around pin of external fixation device - ICD 10 coding help

    Good Morning. Unsure of how to code a NEW fracture of a tibia that occurred at the site of one of the pins from a previously placed external fixation device. The periprosthetic fx ICD 10 codes specify that they are for INTERNAL fixation devices. Does a fracture around the pin of an EX Fix count...
  31. M

    Wiki ICD 10 for sermona of Obstetric wound

    HI I am looking for the ICD 10 code for a seroma of an obstetric would. I only find the O90.2 for Hematoma of ob wound. Would it be the same code? My OB providers are asking for this code and do not feel they should be using O90.2. Or should we use the O90.89 for Other complications of the...
  32. danskangel313

    Wiki MVA coded as Collision with Other Nonmotor Vehicle??

    I have a patient with multiple injuries from an MVA and the narrative says "... patient was driving her car SB on (name of interstate) when she stuck another vehicle. Patient was a restrained driver and was not ejected from her car..." There is no information as to what type of "vehicle" she...
  33. R

    Wiki DM and unspecified CKD in ICD 10 coding

    Hi All, wondering if you could please weigh in with your thoughts on coding the following scenario. Pt has DM with unspecified CKD. Per the instruction note under code E11.22 - it states to use an additional code to identify stage of CKD (N18.1-N18.6). Since the code range doesn't include the...
  34. A

    Wiki Ambulatory Dysfunction?

    We are currently having a discussion at my office about whether or not we can use "acute ambulatory dysfunction" as a dx. My supervisor states that it is not a dx and that we need to return the chart for more documentation. I am just wondering what other facilities/practices use? I work for a...
  35. J

    Wiki ICD 10 N60.19 - claim denial

    I'm hoping someone can give me some insight and help with this issue. The patient is “14 year old with Diffuse Cystic Mastopathy”, and we have coded the claim with ICD 10 N60.19. Insurance is denying because the patient is not “Age 15-124 year old”. Is it proper to add a "P" e.g. N60.19P...
  36. A

    Wiki Surgical Wound Infection?

    I have a case where the patient has a surgical wound infection and dehiscence. The wound was debrided while in the hospital. We are getting them for home health and I am wondering would I code both the infection and dehiscence? Thanks
  37. M

    ICD10 Code for Non-ischemic Cardiomyopathy

    What is the appropriate ICD10 code for non-ischemic cardiomyopathy? It doesn't seem like it should be the unspecified code for cardiomyopathy. Would the code I42.8 other cardiomyopathies be the best code? Thanks!
  38. M

    Wiki Dme & icd 10

    Does anyone know anything about DME billing and what it will do to/for DME? I work for an Optician/Optometerist office and my boss (optician) and I are very interested in knowing what the code changes hold, and how different the billing will be. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks...
  39. C

    Wiki ICD-10 switch

    a coding friend and I were talking about the ICD-10 switch over, and about how a lot of Physicians said they would retire rather than learn the new system. She then mentioned that she thought a lot of the "seasoned" coders would probably do that same thing and retire. which would then open...