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Upskill Your Coding Team: Improve Communication, Compliance & Reimbursement


Your coding team is already skilled. Most, if not all, are likely already certified coders. But by upskilling them, you can drive greater coding accuracy and efficiency — and improved communication with providers. In this 30-minute webinar, Dr. CJ Wolf will cover three key areas to elevate their expertise: 

1. Upskill their clinical knowledge: 

  • How to bridge the gap between clinical services and coding and reimbursement 

  • How to communicate effectively with providers and offer documentation guidance 

  • Insights on chronic kidney disease stages, coding of depression severity, and more 

2. Upskill their usage of authoritative coding resources: 

  • How Codify by AAPC can be an invaluable resource 

  • Coding clarification examples from CPT Assistant 

  • CMS National Correct Coding Initiative guidelines and examples 

  • AHA Coding Clinic for diagnosis coding 

3. Upskill their awareness of common coding enforcement areas: 

  • Modifier -25 enforcement and its impact 

  • Risks associated with overuse of selecting E/M level based on time 

  • How to avoid inappropriate upcoding of E/M levels 

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