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Is your HIPAA compliance program and breach reporting up to date?

Over 94% of providers have experienced some form of data breach, and over 50% have had 5 or more data breaches. From phishing campaigns and PHI-containing emails sent to the wrong recipients to unencrypted devices and servers left publicly accessible, the total number of breaches in 2019 outnumbered the previous year by more than 33%, according to research from Risk Based Security

Get comprehensive guidance to implement HIPAA protocols and prevent the fallout of a data breach with AAPC’s HIPAA Reference Guide.

Our nationally recognized HIPAA compliance experts lay out best practices and build on case studies to guide you through the dos and don’ts of compliance. We show you how to recognize and lock down your risk areas, including how to:

  • Build and maintain a culture of security
  • Evaluate your vulnerabilities and guard against cyber threats
  • Assess, analyze, and manage your EHR
  • Immunize your workstations
  • Implement HIPAA-compliant use of mobile devices
  • Ensure your BAAs are HIPAA compliant
  • Prepare for community-wide disasters
  • Plot out your practice’s security incident response plan

We also introduce you to new tools and provide toolkits to facilitate breach reporting and help you to nail down risk assessments, tighten up your EHR privacy and security, reassess your risk analysis plan, prevent cyber threat, navigate HITECH regulations, prep for audits, and train your staff.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already have the first edition of a Medical Reference Guide, the updates to the second edition are very minimal. These editions are intended for first-time buyers.

ISBN 9781646312634
Publication Date 1-Jun-21
Language of Text English
Author AAPC
Editor AAPC
Publisher AAPC
Country/Region of Origin USA

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