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Recoup lost time and revenue with denials management and appeals know-how.

Claim denials can sink a profit margin. And given the cost of appeals, roughly $118 per claim, not all denials can be reworked. A practice submitting 50 claims a day at an average reimbursement rate of $200 per claim should bring in $10,000 in daily revenue. But if 10% of those claims are denied, and the practice can only appeal one, they lose $800 per day—upwards of $200K annually.

Your medical claims are the lifeblood of operations. Don’t compromise your financial health. Learn how to preempt denials with the Denials Management & Appeals Reference Guide.

This vital resource will equip you to get ahead of payers by simplifying the leading causes of denials and showing you how to address insufficient documentation, failing to establish medical necessity, coding and billing errors, coverage stipulations, and untimely filing.

Rely on AAPC to walk you through the appeal process. We’ll help you establish protocols to avoid an appeals backlog and teach you how to identify and prioritize denials likely to win an appeal. What’s more, you’ll learn when a claim can be “reopened” to fix a problem.

Collect the revenue your practice deserves with effective denials and appeals solutions:

  • Know how to analyze your denials
  • Defeat documentation and compliance issues for successful claims success
  • Utilize payer policy for coverage clues
  • Lock in revenue with face-to-face reimbursement guidance
  • Refine efforts to avoid E/M claim denials
  • Ace ICD-10 coding for optimum reimbursement
  • Put an end to modifier confusion
  • Stave off denials with CCI edits advice
  • Navigate the appeals process like a pro
  • And much more!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already have the first edition of a Medical Reference Guide, the updates to the second edition are very minimal. These editions are intended for first-time buyers.

ISBN 9781646313372
Publication Date 1-Jun-21
Language of Text English
Author AAPC
Editor AAPC
Publisher AAPC
Country/Region of Origin USA


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