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Ensure full pay for services provided by your nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, and other mid-level clinicians.

Staffing nonphysician practitioners (NPPs) enables your practice to see more patients, but the revenue benefits depend on your team’s ability to navigate the complex set of NPP coding and billing rules.

Do you know the guidelines that Medicare and other payers apply toward reimbursement of NPP services? Are you clear on the rules for direct supervision? How about reciprocity? If you’re like most, you have more questions than answers.

Getting incident-to billing right means 15% more in reimbursement. Getting it wrong could be considered fraudulent. With stakes this high, you need the Nonphysician Practitioner Reference Guide. 

This comprehensive resource provides expert guidance covering the scope of NPP coding and billing regulations. Understand the distinctions between shared visit and incident-to services and meet the troublesome requirements of audit-ready incident-to billing.

Packed with authoritative tips, readers’ Q&A, and handy clip-and-save tools—including an incident-to audit checklist—you’ll master the reporting nuances of E/M services, prolonged services, virtual visits, and more.

Shore up revenue for your mid-level practitioners with:

  • Tips for accurate dual-provider coding
  • Max out incident-to pay the right way and earn 100% of allowable revenue versus 85%
  • Rely on split/shared visit coding in non-office settings
  • Know how to avoid substitute physician billing challenges
  • Boost your signature know-how and avoid claim denials
  • Watch incident-to claims when physician is out of office
  • Get the facts on performing consults
  • Learn the secret NPP guidelines for coding virtual visits
  • And much more!

Clear up your NPP compliance confusion—and know exactly when you can bill service incidents to the physician—with the Nonphysician Practitioner Reference Guide.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already have the first edition of a Medical Reference Guide, the updates to the second edition are very minimal. These editions are intended for first-time buyers.

ISBN 9781646313402
Publication Date 1-Jun-21
Language of Text English
Author AAPC
Editor AAPC
Publisher AAPC
Country/Region of Origin USA

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