Physician Practice Compliance Reference Guide - eBook - Second Edition

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Healthcare compliance and risk mitigation expertise is critical to the success of your organization.

Is your grasp on healthcare compliance up to par? There's so much to know when it comes to HIPAA, the Anti-Kickback Statute (ASK), the Stark Law, and the False Claims Act (FCA). Then there’s EMTALA and OSHA—not to mention MACs and RACs and the federal watchdog agencies.

Healthcare regulatory compliance requires current and comprehensive information. Make sure you have a full understanding of the laws governing your organization with the Physician Practice Compliance Reference Guide.

From start to finish, the Physician Practice Compliance Reference Guide lays out your legal requirements in easy-to-follow language, packed with practical guidance. Our experts will equip you to plan and execute a compliance program that meets state and Federal laws. You’ll learn how to draft compliance policies, build a risk-proof infrastructure, document your activities, apply self-auditing techniques, and create a user-friendly training program.

We’ll also show you how to spot and fix high-risk billing patterns using Comparative Billing Reports and the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) work plan, fraud alerts, and advisory bulletins. The Physician Practice Compliance Reference Guide covers the gamut of compliance issues to help you implement proactive policies and command all aspects of risk management. Turn your compliance literacy into expertise and create a culture of compliance.

Safeguard against compliance liabilities with clear explanations and practical advice:

  • Elements of an Effective Compliance Program
  • Follow a Compliance Calendar in Your Practice
  • Steer Clear of Upcoding to Reduce FCA Risk
  • Conquer the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS)
  • What You Need to Know About Fair Market Value (FMV)
  • Know the Ins and Outs of The Stark Law
  • Nail Down the OIG’s Exclusion Rules
  • Create a Professional Service Arrangement That Complies with Stark and AKS Regulations
  • Guard Against Audit Hotspots & Build an Effective Self-Auditing Program
  • Prevent Your Marketing Programs From Running Afoul of AKS and Stark
  • Medicare Billing Compliance Must-Knows
  • Get a crash course on the 60-Day overpayment rule
  • Know When to Bill Shared Visit Versus Incident-To
  • All About Advance Beneficiary Notices (ABNs)
  • Meet Human Resources Compliance
  • Glossary of Relevant Terms

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already have the first edition of a Medical Reference Guide, the updates to the second edition are very minimal. These editions are intended for first-time buyers.

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Publication Date 1-Jun-21
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