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eNewsletter - Tech & Innovation in Healthcare

eNewsletter - Tech & Innovation in Healthcare

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Keeping up with the latest innovations and changes in healthcare technology can be like trying to catch a hummingbird with your hands. So, we decided the topic needs its own newsletter.

Get the latest updates on healthcare technology innovation:

Cybersecurity Cybersecurity
Coding & Technology Coding & Technology
Policy Watch Policy Watch
Trends & Tips Trends & Tips
Clinical Toolkits Clinical Toolkits
Industry News/Roundup Industry News/Roundup

Ensure that you're taking advantage of — or at least mindful of — the latest healthcare innovations, especially advances designed to streamline the flow of healthcare information from coding through billing.

  • IT managers can stay current with news related to cybersecurity, phishing scams, and system vulnerabilities that may lead to hacking
  • Practice managers, billers, and office/hospital administrators will benefit from similar news impacting EHRs and HIPAA as well as new methods to streamline the flow of patient information and data
  • Coders can stay current on innovations in coding software and the future impact of artificial intelligence on coding
  • Annual CEUs Get a jump on annual CEU requirements for your CPC, CPC-P, CPB, CPPM, COC, CPCO, CPMA, CDEO, or CDEI credentials by earning 6 CEUs with your subscription to Tech & Innovation in Healthcare

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