The Impact of the 2021 E/M Guideline Changes


The 2021 coding requirements impact everyone in your organization — from billers and coders to administrators and physicians — and likely play a major role in your revenue. Designed to help business leaders ensure success with these updates, this event will help you master the new guidelines, achieve compliance, and obtain optimal reimbursement.

This is a 3-part session, originally presented as a part of the AAPC Audit Services "Listen Up" Virtual Conference Series.

Session 1: 2021 E/M Guidelines Changes - The Impact Beyond Coding & Documentation

The 2021 E/M guideline changes have a broad-sweeping impact on the revenue cycle, well beyond coding and documentation. In this presentation, we discuss the impact on the other areas of the revenue cycle, key performance indicators, and workflow changes for administrative staff.

Session 2: The 2020/2021 Comparison Audit - The beginning, not the end.

Explore how audit data can drive decisions for success in this unprecedented time of change. We walk through a case study featuring data from a large healthcare entity of ~6000 providers and provide answers to questions like:

  • Will my office visits code lower than before?

  • Do I have to change my documentation style?

  • Should I just use the time?

  • What about other codes that represent my services? How are they changing?

Session 3: CY 2020: The Year of Surprises

Financial management is an art and a science in any industry, but healthcare is particularly challenging because the industry changes so fast and frequently. In this session, we explore the financial impact stemming from three main sources:

  • CPT® changes to the E/M (office visit) structure

  • CY 2021 Physician Fee Schedule changes

  • Should I just use the time?

  • Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021

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