Book Listing Requirements

As a general rule, we are interested in listing books that our members or their employers would be most interested in. Before submitting a book for consideration, it must meet the below requirements. Please note that AAPC reserves the right to accept or deny any books submitted, for any reason.

Requirements to list a book:

  • The book must contain a member discount price of at least 20% off MSRP.
  • The price AAPC pays for the book will be no more than 60% of MSRP.
  • A refund policy of at least 90 days.
  • AAPC may accept or reject a suggested book for any reason.
  • AAPC will not accept books that directly compete with books we are selling under our brand – code books, books for our PMCC curriculum and our study guides.
  • AAPC will not endorse any book, just put on website for sale. Of course, any vendor may purchase website or other advertising to help sell the book.
  • We prefer not to pre-sell books. So we will not put books on our website until they are available in print.
  • We will need a cover photo of the book, a couple sample pages to show and a brief explanation of the purpose of the book, if the title is not sufficient. We will show MSRP, the membership discount and member price.