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The best online lookup tools for CPT®, ICD-9, ICD-10, and HCPCS medical codes are now directly available through AAPC. We start with the fastest and most comprehensive code search engine on the planet and add lay descriptions, CPT modifiers, CPT crosswalks, ICD-9 crosswalks, ICD-10 crosswalks, a CCI edits checker, Medicare LCD lookup, Medicare Fee Schedules, NCDs, Transmittals, RVUs, specialty newsletters, survival guides, and more.

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Code Lookup Tools

Search across 4 medical codesets (CPT®, HCPCS Level II, ICD-9-CM Volumes 1 and 2, ICD-10-CM). Look up a medical code using a keyword or a code. An Alphabetic Index can also be used to look up a code just as you would using a codebook. Lay terms are provided for each procedure and diagnosis to help narrow down code selection... Read More
Error-free code mapping between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes - translate ICD-9-CM codes to ICD-10-CM, and vice versa. This ICD-10 mapper uses GEMs, plus the WEDI logic that provides an extended bridge to tell you the range of specific ICD-10 codes that relate to an ICD-9 code.
The ICD-10 Code Assist offers real solutions to your everyday struggles. With guidance on code usage and the documentation paths needed, you can ensure specificity requirements are met for the procedure or clinical condition. Read More
Take the guess work out of appropriate modifier use. Quickly identify the allowed CPT®, HCPCS Level II, and ASA modifiers for CPT® and HCPCS Level II codes... Read More
This bidirectional cross reference tool allows you to identify the most common HCPCS Level II codes billed with a selected CPT® and vice versa. Also provided are the HCPCS Level II code equivalent for a selected CPT® code to... Read More
Enter up to 25 codes to get color-coded CCI-allowed CPT® code combos plus RVUs - with current edits since Jan 2011. The results provided order the codes in RVU order-regardless of the order you enter them. Determine which code combinations are bundled and when modifiers are allowed... Read More
Remain compliant and eliminate medical necessity denials with this feature. All Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) including quick access to allowed ICD-9-CM codes and complete policy texts are included. Also included are the allowed ICD-9-CM codes according to the National Coverage Determinations (NCDs)... Read More
Eliminate wasted time searching the CMS website. This tool provides the national and local CMS fee schedules. In one convenient location you can find global days, surgical package split fee schedule for applicable codes, professional and technical fee schedule splits for... Read More
This bidirectional online tool provides the most frequently reported CPT® to ICD-9-CM Volume 1 codes for a selected CPT® code... Read More
Receive new coding information in articles in one Coding Institute Coding Alert (6 CEUs) of your choice. The newsletter is a useful tool for guidance on coding and reimbursement changes and challenging coding cases. Find the answers to help you determine correct code selection and stay up to date with payer determinations... Read More
14 quick-start guides covering top procedures, diagnoses, and more (14 CEUs). Each guide reviews the coding guidelines and provides examples for ease of application... Read More
CMS 1500 Real Time Scrubber identifies common coding denial reasons that can quickly be corrected resulting in clean claim submissions. Simply enter claims code information and AAPC Coder will provide instant feedback utilizing data that combines CCI with the logics of the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, CPT™ concepts, LCDs, NCDs and more. Submitting clean claims means decreased time and costs for reworking denied claims.

Available Add-ons

Facility Expert provides all the coding and reimbursement tools needed for inpatient coders, outpatient coders and CDI experts. Quickly view the OPPS fee schedules for freestanding ASCs and hospital based outpatient services... Read More
ICD-9-CM Coding Clinic helps coders, auditors, and insurers select the correct ICD-9 code every time. With ICD-9-CM Coding Clinic, you'll have the expert insight to protect provider payments, educate providers and insurers... Read More
HCPCS Coding Clinic delivers the official guidance published quarterly by the American Hospital Association (AHA) Central Office on correct HCPCS level II code usage... Read More
Our Code Connect add-on tool gives you full access to the CPT® Assistant archive (the official word from the AMA on proper CPT® code usage). Search CPT® Assistant articles from 1990 to present to appeal insurance denials, validate coding to auditors, train staff, and make answers to everyday coding questions second nature... Read More
Recieve new coding information in articles in one Coding institute Coding Alert (6 CEUs) of your choice. The newsletter is a useful tool for guidance on coding and reimbursement changes... Read More
Essential anesthesia information fully implemented within CPT® code search including ASA CROSSWALK®, ASA Reverse CROSSWALK®, and Relative Value Guide®, and Anesthesia Calculator with variable time units and physical status modifiers... Read More