1. P

    CPC-A, ICD-10 Proficient, seeking employment in Western NY.

    Hello, I have a CPC-A and ICD-10 proficiency certification thru AAPC and am seeking employment in the Rochester, or southern Tier (Corning, Elmira, Hornell) area of New York. In August of 2015 I completed 354 hours of the Medical Coding and Billing certificate study program through Corning...
  2. B

    CPC Looking for work!!- Located in NYC Area currently working in NYC Private Hospital

    Hello Hiring Managers, I recently passed my CPC exam and have one (1) year experience in dealing with ICD and CPT codes. I'm now looking to land an actual position coding full or part time, remote or onsite. I'm an extremely fast learner and hard worker looking to make a mark in the next...
  3. S

    Professional CPC for Busy Radiology and Pathology Office

    We are seeking a professional CPC for our Radiology and Pathology Professional Billing and Coding Office. This position is Full-time and would be Temporary, however may lead to a permanent position. We are located in Stroudsburg Pa. and would like to have an in house coder, but will consider...
  4. C

    CPC salary in Northern MI

    Curious as to the average salary of a CPC in northern Michigan at a family practice?
  5. C

    Average salary of CPC in Northern Michigan family practice

    Curious as to the average salary of a CPC in northern Michigan?
  6. I

    Remote Coding Positions! (CPC-A candidates encouraged to apply) - I wanted to thank e

    Hello Coders, First of all, I wanted to thank everyone that had applied to our last position for the Remote Coders. We successfully hired over 60 Coders! I am back to let you know that we will be hiring for another Coding Class that will be Mid-March. These positions will be "Project based"...
  7. B

    Pay of COBGC in the philippines

    What would be an appropriate hourly rate for a CPC/ COBGC in the Philippines. The Paranaque City area.
  8. D

    CPC-A Michigan

    Hello I have an associates degree in Health Administration and have worked as a surgical scheduler for Urology for 7 years. Sherita Mitchell CPC-A domoniquem@sbcglobal.net
  9. P

    Remote Medical billing position

    My name is Pamala Jodoin in search of a remote billing position, I have over 10 years experience in Medical billing, I am a certified CPC as of December 2015 and was able to have the A removed. Thank You, Pamala Jodoin, CPC
  10. M

    Cpc exam - grading status

    Waiting for my results it's in grading status.
  11. H

    Hiring for a CPC for Concord, NC

    I currently work for a private 13 physician practice that specializes in gastroenterology who is looking to hire a certified coder. This will be for a coding/billing position. No experience required but must be certified. If you are interested and nearby please email your resume to...
  12. M

    Corporate Membership

    I have a question for anyone using an AAPC Corporate Membership - As a certified coder I work in a billing office for a large multi-specialty practice - my job entails working with providers on their coding and billing (yes, our providers select and enter their own codes electronically) and also...
  13. N

    Remote Inpatient and ED Infusion and Injection Coder - CCS, CPC, or CCA

    Remote coding if interested in remote position with CCS, CPC, CCA let me know and 1-2 yrs experience
  14. M

    CPC Advice Needed In San Diego, CA

    Hi All! I've been doing billing and management for 9 years now and I have really put off getting my CPC, well I told myself that I would and that is my goal this year. Any advice on where to start would be really appreciated. I've read the info on the AAPC website and it's helpful, but I would...
  15. C

    Wiki 2016 CPC Exam

    Hello and Happy New Year! I'm sitting for the CPC Exam on April 9 2016! I have my RCC and my ICD 10 proficiency credential and ive been coding for 7 years. I have a few co-workers who are not coders that took the exam and passed and gave me the following tips: study the guidelines in the...
  16. N

    Retaking cpc exam

    Hello everyone! Can someone help me if possible. I went to school for ICD-10 and I took the CPC exam in December unsuccessfully. For the retake should I reorder a new study guide or are they fairly similar even though the diagnosis are 10's now???
  17. V

    CPC exam 2016

    I am taking my initial CPC cert exam soon and I do not know what manuals to use for 2015 or 2016 editions? ICD-9 or ICD-10? I am new to this arena and understand that the ICD-10 is now in place of the ICD-9 correct? Thanks in advance.
  18. Q

    Looking for an experienced CPC coder for our West Hills, CA location

    Hello, We are looking for an experienced Medical Coder with a CPC or AHIMA certification for our West Hills, CA location. If you are interested, please email your resume to carlie.a.gil@questdiagnostics.com
  19. A

    Looking for remote coding

    Hi, I am a CPC looking for a remote coding position. If anything is available that you know please let me know!
  20. T

    Failed 3 times

    I am so bummed I have failed the CPC for the 3rd time, each time its the same. The 1st time I got a 58, the 2nd a 62 and now I just saw I got a 63, has anyone went through this. I feel like I should choose another career now. I have been doing medical billing since 2007 and I feel like I having...
  21. R

    CPC.. longest week of my life!!!

    I took my exam on 12/12 and it still shows in transit to AAPC.. Is there a fast forward button on life where I can just move up a few days to see results? Hasn't anyone invented this yet? :confused:
  22. B

    CPC-A, CPC, Posters needed...

    we are a multi specialty practice, several locations located in Colbert County in North Alabama. We are currently looking for on-site employees. This is not a remote opportunity at this time. We are looking for an experienced payment/insurance poster who can work a/r. Please fax resume to...
  23. I

    Remote Coders Needed (CPC-A, CPC)

    My company, Inovalon, is seeking 50 Remote Coders to work for our company. This can be treated as an Externship for CPC-A's and it is PAID. We will also take CPC's with up to 5 years experience. Pay will strictly be based off of experience and this is an open ended position with the possibility...
  24. M

    Seeking Experienced CPC / CRC

    We are seeking an experienced coder with a minimum of 2 years experience. Strong understanding of ICD-9 / ICD-10 guidelines Not a remote position San Diego, CA Great opportunity with a growing Medical Group.
  25. M

    CRC. CPC looking for remote coding position

    (804) 405-1478 cell Tamara.Ellett@yahoo.com Tamara Ellett, CPC, CRC Objective To obtain a coding position that will allow me to put forth 110% on a daily basis. Education ? 1997 Meadowbrook High Chesterfield, VA...
  26. W

    Practicode CPC-A Practicum

    Does anyone know if employers will consider this as actual work experience?
  27. R

    Tabbing for the CPC test

    I am going to be taking my CPC test and I am unclear on what needs to be tabbed in the ICD9 book as well as the HCPCS book? Also wanted to find out if anybody "bubbled and highlighted" their CPT book and if so did you do the whole book or just certain parts? Thanks for any help can you give ...
  28. T

    Medical Assistant, CPC, Quality Auditor / Studying for CPMA

    Torie L. Thibodeaux, MA, CPC 2185 Talbot Ridge Jonesboro, Ga. 30236 Email: torie.thibodeaux@yahoo.com Cell# 504-450-1812 Phone# 678-834-5571 Dear Sir / Madame: I am writing to you to apply for employment within your company. Enclosed is a resume of my educational and employment background. I...
  29. S

    CPC, CUC with auditing experience seeking remote coding position

    I have over 13 years experience with medical coding and billing and have been a certified coder for 9 years and am currently seeking a remote coding position. I have expert experience with E/M coding, not inpatient at this time as I am currently waiting to take the test to get certified with...
  30. E

    CPC exam grading question

    Do all of these areas need to be over 70% for me to pass the exam? 10000 Series: 20000 Series : 40000 Series : 50000 Series: Anatomy/Med Term: Anesthesia: Coding Guidelines/Practice Management: E/M: HCPCS: ICD-9-CM: Lab and Path Medicine: Radiology:
  31. M

    CPC seeking remote coding position

    Hello! I am a recently certified CPC from Ashland, KY. I have been working in the healthcare industry since February of 2007, and have been in coding since September of the same year. After "learning on the go" at my job, I decided I loved the field of medical coding and enrolled in an online...
  32. U

    Searching for Remote Medical Coding jobs

    Hi, my name is Umadevi NAGESWARA RAO. I live in FRANCE now, but I was a Certified Professional Coder at Dell Systems in Chennai, INDIA. Currently I am searching for a Remote Medical Coding position. Here I am posting my resume. Have a look. If...
  33. W

    CPC with in-Facility Experience seeking Remote Position

    Hello, My name is Tatiana and I am desiring to work from home on a part-time or contract basis. I have my CPC and have over three years of in-facility coding experience working with Intermountain Healthcare in Utah. Some of the skills I have been able to develop as a patient service rep/...
  34. pavankumarbanka

    Newly Certified CPC-A - Looking for Billing or Coding Opportunities

    Pavan Kumar Banka E-mail: pavankumarbanka@gmail.com Career Summary: AAPC Certified Professional Coder (CPC) (Member ID#: 01160823), with 10+ years of experience in Medical Transcription Services related to US Healthcare Industry, with an experience of working in various capacities. Career...
  35. A

    OB/GYN/MFM Medical Secretary

    I currently work for Alaska Perinatology Associates, in Anchorage Alaska. I'm a medical secretary that is a CPC holder. I've been working for this practice since 2006. The provider here sent me to Alaska MedCode to retrieve my CPC license to help out in the office and to help for my future...
  36. M

    Knoxville-CPC looking for remote or travel

    MONICA MARCONE, CPC Phone: 727-481-9107 monicamarconecpc@yahoo.com Certified Professional Coder seeks position where my skills and knowledge can be utilized to the fullest. I possess an in depth knowledge of coding techniques and guidelines of medical coding and sound knowledge of medical...
  37. C

    CPC With 18+ Year Experience- Wanting Remote

    I am a CPC with nearly 19 years experience in all facets of coding and auditing in practices from Primary Care (Pediatrics, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Hospitalist) to Specialty Surgery (General, Orthopedic, Hand and Micro-Vascular, ENT, Ophthalmology, Occulo-Plastic, Plastics...
  38. M

    Hi I'm Myles, a CPC-A, and I am looking for intern possibilities in Louisville, KY

    This post it is no longer valid This post it is no longer valid :)
  39. 0

    CPC exam question

    I read in the Instructors forum that one can't write in their exam booklets. Can anyone verify whether that is true or not? It would certainly help to be able to underline main points in the question, cross out answers you have eliminated, etc. I actually printed out the practice exam so that...
  40. A

    CPC-A with 3 months experience -- Acton/Concord, MA

    AYESHA KHURRAM, CPC-A Acton, MA 01720 Email: ayeshakhurram@hotmail.com Seeking an entry-level position as a Certified Professional Medical Coder Profile: Dedicated and hardworking certified medical coder looking to work in a professional medical facility with exposure to diverse medical...
  41. L

    Modifier usage for National Exam

    I'm confused. I'm taking the National Exam in a month, and I am taking an on-line course in preparation. AAPC has provided the instructor with all the answers for the Step-by-Step text book. The instructor keeps crossing out things and writing in her own. The latest one: Well baby check-up...
  42. S

    Service Only Question

    I'm taking my CPC Certification at the end of the month (Oct 31st) and I'm using the CPC Study Guide CD. I keep coming across questions that state "Code the service only." Specifically what does this mean? I recently moved and my books are still packed and I finished my classes in April, so I...
  43. J

    CPC w/ 3 yrs. Exp. in Multi-Specialties, Texas or Remote

    To Whom It May Concern: My name is Jodi Burchett and I am a Certified Professional Coder with 3 years experience in a hands-on coding and billing environment. I have extensive experience with Physician Coding, Inpatient/Outpatient, Same Day Surgery, OB/GYN, and other specialties. I also am...
  44. J

    CPC looking for Position in Northern, VA

    Shaiye M. Shorts, CPC 734 Palmer Dr. Herndon, VA 20170 Cell: 540-316-8799 milleniumfairy@yahoo.com ¬¬ Objective: I am a highly motivated individual eager to join a professional team with room for learning, advancement, & growth. I graduated from Everest College in 2007, and obtained my...
  45. U

    CPC Exam Scores - Though I was tickled pink

    Though I was tickled pink that I passed the CPC exam, the conformation letter did not display the actual scores. Is there a way to find out what your actual scores are?:confused:
  46. M

    Discontinued Procedures

    Quick question - If a procedure is discontinued/cancelled due to contraindication do you use a modifier when billing the anesthesia for this procedure? Thanks Missy Heuer CPC
  47. J

    Chart Auditing

    How ofton should you do chart audits, twice a year? How do you select what charts to audit? I am looking for a good starting point. Thanks, Jeannie Hortman CPC
  48. A

    Help: Pom Screening

    Can someone please tell me how to bill for a Carotid Artery screening and a Peripherial Aterial Disease screening? I have never heard of these type of screening before and could really use some help.:confused: Thanks Antonniette -CPC