Coding for Medical Necessity Reference Guide - eBook - Third Edition

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Master coding concepts related to medical necessity and report compliant codes for your services.

Revenue loss, rework, payback demands—how much are medical necessity errors costing your practice? And that’s to say nothing of potential civil penalties. Get medical necessity wrong and it’s considered a “knowingly false” act punishable under the FCA.

Stay liability-free and get reimbursed for your services with reliable medical necessity know-how. AAPC’s Coding for Medical Necessity Reference Guide provides you with step-by-step tutorials to remedy the range of documentation and coding issues at the crux of medical necessity claim errors.

Learn how to integrate best practices within your clinical processes—including spot-checks and self-audits to identify problems. Benefit from real-world reporting examples, Q&A, and expert guidance across specialties to master coding for medical necessity.

Learn how to lock in medical necessity and keep your practice safe and profitable:

  • Understand the 2023 E/M code and guideline changes
  • Avoid Medical Necessity Errors with CERT Smarts
  • Rules to Improve Provider Documentation
  • Denials? Pay Attention to Procedure/Diagnosis Linkage
  • Nail Down the Ins and Outs of Time-based Coding
  • Expert Guidance to Fend Off RAC Audits and Denials
  • Beat E/M Coding Confusion with Payer Advice
  • Improve Your ABN Know How with This FAQ

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already have the first or second edition of Coding for Medical Necessity Reference Guide, you will want to upgrade to the third edition, which includes updated ICD-10-CM and CPT® codes, updated E/M information including insights on 2023 guideline changes, and updated CMS references at the back of the book.

ISBN 9781646319947
SKU A24VBO0057
Publication Date 7/1/2023
Language of Text English
Binding Spiral-bound
Format Softcover
Publisher AAPC
Country/Region of Origin USA


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