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Project Xtern Frequently Asked Questions

Coder Questions and Answers

The individual applying must be a current certified member.

Normally externships are not paid positions. Any compensation would be arranged between the facility and extern.

Log in at AAPC.com and go to Project Xtern under Resources, then select Locate Xtern Site.

The time you spend at the facility will count toward the required one-year experience. If you are working for 3 months, you would need 9 additional months.

The facility will notify you of their requirements. We suggest having your resume, proof of certification and availability on hand.

  • Prepare or update your resume and references
  • Network with your local chapter, friends, and family. The more people who are on your side the quicker it will be to find an externship/job
  • Volunteer to assist during vacations and breaks
  • Communicate
  • Have a good attendance policy. Show up when you’re scheduled to work.
  • Go to in-services, meetings, and any other function that would apply to coding/billing
  • Gather resources for yourself (find the materials you need to be efficient)
  • Evaluate yourself and ask to be evaluated by your supervisor (What experience have you gained? Where can you improve?)
  • Be outgoing and tactful
  • Remember externs are advised not to share with others information that may have been disclosed by other externs or employees at their externship that may be privileged or confidential
  • Our approved sites are volunteers and businesses. Please treat them professionally and understand they are volunteering their time and money to help you gain work experience.

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