ICD-10-CM Proficiency Assessment FAQ

The following ICD-10 proficiency FAQ is provided to help address common questions regarding the timed ICD-10 proficiency assessment.

How do I demonstrate ICD-10 proficiency?

To avoid losing your credential(s) you must register for an assessment and complete by February 2 (suspension, late fee, extra time to complete applies) Register for either our At-Your-Own-Pace Assessment Course or Timed Assessment and successfully complete your assessment by February 2, 2016. Your corresponding credential(s) will be suspended and you’ll be assessed a $30 late fee, but you’ll still have additional time to complete your assessment.

How do I access my ICD-10 proficiency assessment?

If you have purchased the timed ICD-10 proficiency and need to access your ICD-10 proficiency assessment, visit aapc.blackboard.com. Your username is the word "code", all lowercase, followed by a period and then your 8-digit AAPC member ID# with no spaces (example:code.01020304). The default password is your first name as shown in your AAPC account. The password is case sensitive. For example, if your first name is shown in your AAPC account as "Jill" with a capital "J", your password will be the same.

What do I do if I was inadvertently logged out of my timed proficiency assessment?

If you were inadvertently logged out of your timed ICD-10 proficiency assessment, return to where you left off by immediately logging back in. Once logged back in you will be able to resume your exam. Be sure to log back in immediately as the timer will continue. We cannot reopen the assessment once the timer has run out.

How do I print my certification of proficiency?

If you are ready to print your ICD-10 proficiency certificate, log in to your member account at aapc.com and view your previous purchases. Your printable certificate will appear after the ICD-10 assessment has been selected. Please note that it could take up to 72 hours for your certificate to appear following successful completion of the assessment.

How do I verify if I have completed the ICD-10 proficiency requirement?

You can verify your proficiency status by visiting the proficiency verification page on aapc.com, log into your aapc.com account, or call 800-626-2633 to confirm your status.

I completed and passed my proficiency assessment. Why can’t I see my certificate?

Please allow up to 72 hours for your proficiency assessment score to be posted. Verify your proficiency status on our proficiency verification page.

What if my financial circumstances prohibit me from completing the ICD-10 proficiency assessment?

Financial assistance is available to certified members through the AAPCCA Hardship Scholarship Application. All funds are disbursed based on availability and applicant's ability to demonstrate reasonable hardship.

More questions? Call 800-626-2633 for assistance or review the following helpful ICD-10 FAQ: