ICD-10 Proficiency Verification

Confirm Your Proficiency Status

Verify your proficiency online with our credential verification tool. Contact member services at 800-626-2633 if you have any questions regarding your proficiency status.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your proficiency assessment score to be posted. Verify your proficiency status on our proficiency verification page.

Not ICD-10-CM Proficient?

Successful completion of one of these two options will demonstrate proficiency of ICD-10-CM.
Option 1: At Your Own Pace

This option is ideal for those who struggle with timed tests, are unsure of their ICD-10 knowledge, or who need additional ICD-10-CM training.

  • No timed limit
  • Unlimited attempts
  • 100% completion required
  • Unlimited attempts
  • 150 questions
  • Open book, online, unproctored
  • ICD-10-CM only (ICD-10-PCS is not covered in the assessment)
  • 16+ CEUs

$395 $295 through Sept 30th

Option 2: Timed Assessment

This option is ideal for those who are confident in their knowledge of ICD-10-CM, have a dedicated 3.5 hours of time, and are comfortable with a timed and graded assessment.

  • Online exercises only
  • Open book, online, unproctored
  • Time limit (3.5 Hours)
  • Two attempts
  • 75 questions