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What information will I need in order to complete the online application?

That depends on the type of education you intend to provide, overall you will need the following:

  • How will you pay for the application? Via check or credit card

  • Contact information for the person organizing or coordinating the CEU product

  • The title that will be used in marketing of this CEU product

  • The number of CEUs you want to request for the CEU product

    • If you are requesting 2.0 CEUs or more you will need a detailed time lined agenda

      • An acceptable time lined agenda includes details about what content will be covered and what information the attendee will learn if they attend that session. An agenda with a time span and titles does not provide sufficient information for review.

  • Decide now if you wish to offer this product as an On Demand product or offer it via CD/DVD.

    • If yes then you will need a posttest ready at the time of your application, the posttest must follow AAPC CEU post-test.

  • Know the approximate date of your first event or the approximate launch date for the CEU product.

  • A list of your presenters and the presenters’ credentials (CPC-A’s do not qualify)

    • If you are applying for a multi-session event and have multiple presenters that are listed on your time-lined agenda or brochure, simply enter multiple in the presenter name on the application and various in the credentials field to avoid manually entering presenters.

  • A detailed program goal, this can be a condensed version of the marketing description for this product. Please note that this information will be visible to the public for all applications except on in-service and post secondary school applications. Check your spelling and do not include marketing jargon such as; this is the best product ever.

  • You will need to know the level of expertise or difficulty of the course or event. This information assists in the review of the CEU application for specialty credential CEUs.

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