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Now you can get answers to tough coding, billing, auditing, practice management or compliance questions from a source you trust. Unsure of a code? Save yourself from denials and Ask the Experts so you can be confident in your answer the next time it comes up.


To ensure the accuracy, your question is sent to a subject matter expert for review.


Receive your response from an AAPC Expert in three business days or sooner in most cases.

Minimized Denials

When it comes to coding, it’s always better to be certain. Don’t risk a denial. Just purchase your question(s) and you’ll have the answer you need.

By purchasing Ask an Expert services, you agree to the following terms:

Our Ask an Expert service does not include on-the-job training, coding of full op notes, addressing the full scope of your organization’s medical coding or auditing needs, payer policy reviews, or reviewing entire cases from beginning to end. If you’re interested in a full-service consultation, we offer a suite of consultative services, which you can learn about here.

Ask an AAPC expert is a consulting platform but does not operate as a third-party coding vendor. The scope of the solicited response will address the needs within each question, but not serve as means to resolve/complete the case at hand. Please be sure to review the frequently asked questions below before submitting a question to understand what is and is not appropriate for Ask an Expert submission.

AAPC cannot refund already-answered questions if you are unhappy with the answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question? Submit inquiries through the contact us page.

Ask an AAPC Expert is a service that allows you to ask questions to medical coding experts who will then review the question and provide a response to your question, along with their rationale behind it. Our experts are not available to provide on-the-job training or address the full scope of you or your organization’s medical coding needs. We encourage you to exhaust the resources immediately available to you (i.e., coding reference books, historical cases, coding experts within your organization/network, etc.) before submitting a question. The AAPC experts cannot be responsible for or required to code entire cases from beginning to end.

The AAPC Expert team includes seasoned professionals from all facets of the business of healthcare.

AAPC Experts are available to answer general questions related to the following subjects: medical coding, billing fundamentals, auditing, practice management, or compliance. Please note that we will not code your cases. This service is meant to support you when you face a question or challenge while coding. Be advised this service is intended to address specific aspects of coding, not act as resolution to an entire case. Appropriate Ask an AAPC Expert submissions relate to guideline interpretation, including but not limited to code set and NCCI guidelines; code validation requests that do not require operative note review; and coding fundamentals, including but not limited to diagnosis and procedure/service coding. When do I need Audit Services instead of Ask an AAPC Expert?

AAPC’s Audit Services Group provides auditing and coding services, including medical and risk adjustment chart reviews, compliance audits, CDI improvement services, payer policy reviews, and training. Select Audit Services rather than Ask an AAPC Expert when you require the following services:

  • Review of an operative report to either code the case or confirm the codes you have selected, including review of and assistance with payer denials
  • Billing review or advice related to payer policies
  • Help with denial appeals or rebuttals
  • Consultative services, education, or training

Yes. The questions expire within one year (365 days) after purchase.

An expert will respond to you within three business days (72 hours). However, this time frame may vary depending on the nature, length, and complexity of the case. If your question is submitted after 5:00 pm MST or on a national holiday, it will not be logged until the next business day.

You will receive an email notifying you that there is a response waiting. You will also be able to see a notification within your member area.

It is best to include as much relevant information as possible about your case to ensure the AAPC expert can provide the most accurate response. All information will be kept confidential and compliant with HIPAA. Do not submit PHI.

Once purchased, you will be able to access your questions through your My AAPC Portal. Log into your AAPC account, hover over My AAPC, and click Ask an Expert. From there you will be able to see previously asked questions, responses and the option to ask a new question.

No. While Ask an Expert is housed within Codify, a user doesn’t have to have Codify in order to access their questions and answers.

With certain exceptions, products purchased from AAPC may be returned for a refund. Products must be submitted for a return within 30 days from the purchase date to be eligible for a refund. Ask an Expert questions must be unused in order to receive a refund. Refund requests may be submitted in writing or verbally to AAPC.

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