Medical Coding and Billing Training Classes in Nevada

Nevada offers 7 AAPC-approved classroom training programs for medical coding at locations throughout the state. You can also study at your pace and save with an online certification course through AAPC. If you’re interested in learning more about coding and billing, or perhaps interested in dual certification, we offer a special online course for medical coding and billing.

Medical Coding and Billing Schools in Nevada

City State Curriculum
3 Day CPC Boot Camp Nevada CPC® Details
CPC 12 Week Nevada CPC® Details
Henderson Nevada CPC® Details
Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, Paradise, North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley, Enterprise, Sparks, Carson City Nevada CPC® Details
City State Curriculum
Online Nevada CPC® Details
Virtual Nevada CPC® Details
Virtual Classroom Nevada CPC® Details
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Medical Coding and Billing Salary in Nevada

A medical coder in Nevada can expect to make around $54,956 annually. This average salary aligns with the Mountain region’s average of $54,814.

Nevada offers a good combination of job prospects and reasonable earning potential. Major cities for coding jobs are Las Vegas and Reno. The top workplaces in the state are medium group practices (11-49 physicians), large group practices (50+ physicians), and health systems.

Roughly 63.7% of medical coders work remotely, and they earn $60,182 on average. This shows that employers in the state are willing to pay a premium to hire remote workers with more experience or certifications.

For the most current and comprehensive information on medical coding and billing, turn to AAPC, the nation’s largest professional organization for medical coders, billers, auditors, practice managers, compliance officers, and all others involved in the business of healthcare. AAPC offers a multitude of certifications, code books, exam study guides and additional preparation materials, local chapters, distance learning classes, and other resources.

AAPC annually reviews salaries of healthcare business professionals based on location, education, experience, credential, and many other data points. These statistics are all based on the most recent survey, which resulted in nearly 20,000 responses. For additional information, view the overall survey analysis or the Salary Survey Calculator.

Salary by Certification

Certification Type Average Salary
CPC $61,184.21
COC $62,833.33
CIC $62,500.00
CRC $69,583.33
CPB $52,000.00
CPMA $75,416.67
CPCO $60,833.33
CPPM $57,500.00
CPC-I $70,000.00
CANPC $57,500.00
CASCC $95,000.00
CEMC $75,833.33
CIRCC $75,000.00
COBGC $62,500.00
COPC $67,500.00
COSC $67,500.00
CPC-A $42,884.62
CPCD $42,500.00
CPC-P $60,000.00
CPC-P-A $42,500.00
CSFAC $67,500.00
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Salary by Education

Certification + Educational Background Average Salary
High school graduate $52,500.00
Technical school $59,166.67
Some college $53,333.33
Associate's degree $50,833.33
Bachelor's degree $52,500.00
Master's degree $71,875.00

Salary by Experience

Certification + Yrs. Experience Average Salary
0-1 $39,423.08
2-4 $47,954.55
5-9 $57,222.22
10-15 $59,895.83
16-20 $57,500.00
21-25 $62,000.00
26-30 $68,750.00
30+ $62,500.00