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E/M Auditing: Stay Clear of Fraud, Abuse, and Waste

E/M Auditing: Stay Clear of Fraud, Abuse, and Waste
Broadcast: Mar 16, 2015 at 8:30AM
Presentation Length: 4 Hours
On Demand Availability: March 16, 2015
Presenter: Amy E Bishard, CPC, CPMA, CEMC
4 CEUs

Price: $189.95
Members: $149.95

Attendee Rating: 
Evaluation and Management (E/M) fraud, abuse, and waste happens more than most practices realize. This workshop will help you understand why E/M is a target, as well as what triggers E/M audits. You'll also learn to identify and avoid high risk areas in E/M coding documentation and billing guidelines, and how they can protect you.

The coding rule of thumb used to be "if it's not documented, it didn't happen," but now with Electronic Health Records, it has become "it's documented, but did it really happen?" Our E/M Auditing workshop will explain these and other EHR concerns.

We will go back to the basics, discussing pitfalls to avoid and E/M tips in general.

Find answers to the following:
  • What triggers E/M audits?
  • Where are E/M guidelines and how do they protect you?
  • How important is documentation and the use of modifiers?
  • Where can you find documentation requirements for E/M?
  • What concerns Electronic Health Records and documentation create?

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