1. A 61-year-old white female who was transferred for a CABG. She had a recently placed left circumflex coronary artery stent, but was found to have significant LAD and left main disease. Select the proper CAD code.

a. 414.00
b. 414.02
c. 414.01
d. 414.2

2. 50-year-old diabetic patient presents with dizziness and headaches. He is having trouble getting his sugar down. It is up to 200. Sometimes he takes as much as Humalog 50/50 80 units at a time. Based on the documentation what type of diabetes does he have?

b. Type II
c. Type I
d. insulin dependent diabetic

3. Glucose intolerance is:

a. A hereditary disease of obese individuals
b. Severe nausea and vomiting after eating junk food
c. Inability to lower serum glucose levels
d. Characteristic of Type 1 diabetes only
e. Synonymous with hypoglycemia

4. Metabolic syndrome refers to all of the following except:

a. Dysmetabolic syndrome
b. Syndrome X
c. Insulin resistance
d. Hypermetabolism
e. None of the above

5. Renin is:

a. Released from the kidneys, helps maintain ECF volume
b. A popular pop/rock performer
c. Not involved in release of aldosterone
d. Secreted from the adrenal cortex
e. Primarily pulmonary hypertension prevention

6. Local vascular beds are:

a. Made up of the aorta and vena cava
b. Not affected by nitric acid
c. Able to regulate blood flow as needed by a particular organ
d. Not lined with endothelium
e. Known to have flow regulated by the thyroid gland

7. A study to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart is all of the below except:

a. ECG
b. EKG
c. EEG
d. Electrocardiogram
e. None of the above

8. All of the following are coronary arteries except:

a. LCA
b. LAX
c. LAD
d. RCA
e. None of the above

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