Contract Management Services

We can handle the business — so you can focus on the care.
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Payer Contract Negotiations and Renegotiation Services

Rely on AAPC's contract experts to help you secure the most favorable terms with health plans. We offer analysis of your contract portfolio to identify key contracts for renegotiation and contract rate/term improvement areas, as well as strategies for growth and new patient acquisition with new contracts. Or you can entrust us with complete management of your contracting or renegotiation process. With our expertise, you're not just negotiating contracts, you're optimizing opportunities for success in the evolving landscape of healthcare agreements. 

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Credentialing Services

Optimize resource allocation and prioritize patient care by allowing AAPC to take charge of the administrative workload in credentialing services. We’ll take care of everything from completing applications and gathering required documentation to credential verification with relevant authorities. We also handle the management and updating of payer relationships, ensuring ongoing compliance with credentialing requests and requirements.  

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Price Transparency Tool

Gain a competitive edge with AAPC's Price Transparency Tool, offering unparalleled insights into allowable rates across various commercial payers. Compare your rates to other providers in your state and specialty, allowing you to make informed decisions that optimize your pricing strategy and enhance financial outcomes. With this tool, you can navigate the complex landscape of healthcare pricing with confidence, ensuring your organization achieves and maintains a strategic advantage in the market.