Coding for concealed penis repair

Las Vegas, Nevada
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Coding for concealed penis repair


Does anyone have a more accurate code for repair of a concealed penis. I am new at ambulatory surgery but even the more experienced coders here say they have been using 54360(plastics repair of angulation) along with circumcision code.

Physicians note:
Adhesions btwn glans and foreskin lysed. Frenulum clamped and incised. Two circumferential foreskin incisions made removing appropriate amt of foreskin. Dartos space is dissected to the level of the penile____ and the scrotum, and all the abnormally high attachments of the dartos tissue on the penile shaft were taken down. This effectively released the penis from the soft tissue retraction. Two interrupted 4-0 prolene sutures were placed at the 1:30 skin at the base of the penis down to the pubic periosteum as well as down to the proximal penile shaft, and actually we created a pubic angle. Hemostasis achieved with bipolar cautery. Skin edges reapproximated.....

Any help appreciated. Glad I finally found this forum.
Nannette Barton, CPC, CCS-P