Medical Coding Networking

AAPC members are part of a growing organization meeting regularly in over 500 local chapters, annual national and regional conferences and online member forums. It is this community that is the greatest strength and asset to the AAPC and its members, who reap the benefits of the combined knowledge, experience and power of the organization for everything from coding help to securing employment.

AAPC members have the opportunity to gather at local chapter meetings to increase their professional knowledge with those who share a common desire to enhance the standards of professional coding. Local chapters allow coders in geographical areas to come together to promote the coding profession.

Get education and network with hundreds, if not thousands, of other coders and health care industry professionals in one place and over a few days. If you need to keep up with what's going on in the medical coding world, you need to be attending these annual events.

AAPC discussion forums are online communities where members can discuss everything from Medicare regulations to upcoming events to consulting opportunities. The forums are particularly helpful for those with coding questions or those searching for employment.