Start a New Chapter

General Information

AAPC local chapters exist to support and promote AAPC and are incorporated under the AAPC Chapter Association (AAPCCA). They are designed to:

  • Support the national membership by providing educational and networking opportunities on a local level (provide CEUs).
  • Promote AAPC by expanding the organization’s visibility and membership.
  • Increase and promote national recognition and awareness of the business side of healthcare.
  • Provide a forum through which to administer AAPC certification examinations.
  • Provide personal growth through leadership opportunities as local chapter officers.

Local chapters are formed under the direction of the national office of AAPC and are operated by local chapter officers. The local chapter exists solely to extend the benefits of AAPC membership to members locally.

Regional and Membership Needs

AAPC’s local chapter department will research all local chapter requests and submit a report of the findings which will then be presented to the AAPCCA Local Chapter Development Committee. The committee will review the findings and provide a recommendation regarding the viability of a new local chapter in the proposed area.

New local chapters will be considered for formation by consulting with existing chapters in the area and discussion with AAPC Chapter Association Board members representing the region.

  • The next closest chapter should be over 40 miles away or an hour’s drive (densely populated areas will be taken into consideration).
  • Membership of the closest chapter should be 150 members or more.
  • There should be 20 or more interested members in the area (rural areas are given considerations).
  • If general membership has outgrown the chapter area and needs to be divided (500 plus members).

Criteria for Starting a New Local Chapter

Starting a Chapter

All new local chapters are put on a six-month probation. Chapter leadership will work directly with AAPC’s local chapter team at national office and with AAPCCA representatives from your region. The probationary period gives new chapters an opportunity to create a solid foundation and helps foster a successful local chapter.

The purpose of local chapters is to support AAPC members and act as an extension of AAPC. To assist in this supporting role all local chapters are required to hold a minimum of six meetings per year where CEUs are offered and to proctor a minimum of four exams.

AAPC local chapters are not to be used for personal promotion. AAPC members are not permitted to openly solicit their company or services in a local chapter arena.

Chapter Officers

  • The member making the request must be AAPC certified, be in good standing with AAPC, and be willing to hold a leadership position in the proposed chapter.
  • Members may not concurrently hold office in more than one AAPC local chapter, nor in another organization offering core coding credentials.

Mandatory Positions

  • President (must be a certified member)
  • Vice President (must be a certified member)
  • Secretary/Treasurer

Non- Mandatory Positions (Recommended)

  • Member Development Officer
  • Education Officer (must be a certified member)
  • Secretary/Treasurer are usually divided into separate offices

*Please note that personal contact information (phone/email) will be listed on AAPC’s website for each officer. We strongly suggest term limits for all officer positions. This will provide leadership opportunities for all members. Each officer is also required to proctor at least one exam a year.

Additional information on local chapters and officer positions can be found in the AAPC Local Chapter Handbook, located on the AAPC website under local chapters. For additional assistance call the national office and ask to speak to the local chapter department.

If you are interested in starting a local chapter and have both read the requirements and agree to follow them, please fill out the Start a New Chapter Application.