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Specialty Policy

CEU requirements for those that hold AAPC specialty credentials:

Members who hold both a Core credential (CPC, COC, CPC-P, CPB, CIC, CRC, CDEO, CPMA, or CPCO credential) and one or more Specialty credentials can apply earned, pre-approved Specialty CEUs to their Core credential CEU requirements. AAPC is approving this because Specialty approved CEUs are also approved for Core credentials. This should save members time and money in the future. Details include:

  • Specialty CEUs can be applied to Core credentials; Core CEUs cannot be applied to Specialty credentials unless they are specialty approved.
    • Specialty CEUs applied to the CPMA, CPCO or CDEO must be pre-approved for both the Specialty and CPMA, CPCO or CDEO credentials, respectively.
    • The member is still required to meet the 16 required CEUs relative to and pre-approved for the CPMA, CPCO and CDEO credentials.
  • Core CEUs cannot be applied to multiple Core credentials.
  • Specialty CEUs cannot be used simultaneously toward another Specialty credential CEU requirement.
  • There is a minimum requirement of 36 education hours required for any combination of credentials held.
  • Total CEUs due (every 2 years) remain the same as in the current policy.