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Properly Billing for Moderate Sedation Services

Presenter Jill M Young, CPC, CEDC, CIMC
Broadcast Date 8/2/2017
Time 10:00am PT / 11:00am MT / 12:00pm CT / 1:00pm ET
Presentation Length 60 minutes
Price $65 (Non-members $85)
Properly Billing for Moderate Sedation Services Webinar

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In 2017 Moderate (Conscious) Sedation work RVUs were removed from all CPT® codes. Many practices experienced a decrease in reimbursement when RVUs were included in unexpected sedation codes. This is not limited to endoscopy codes such as colonoscopy or bronchoscopy. There are a considerable number of codes containing cardiology and other subspecialties that are included.

Facilities are leaving reimbursement dollars on the table when they do not bill for moderate sedation services provided to patients.

Understanding the major changes to sedation codes and concepts for endoscopy in 2017 is a must. This webinar you will give you simple, straightforward explanation of these concepts to help you work efficiently and effectively. You will also be able to communicate the changes with providers to help them accurately reflect their work and receive the reimbursement they may be missing.

  • -Defining new Moderate Sedation codes
  • -Defining new Moderate Sedation Codes for use with specific gastro codes
  • -Defining time thresholds (minimum time to bill a code)
  • -What documentation is needed to bill for conscious sedation
  • -Intraservice time – don’t shortchange this important time interval
  • -RVU assignation for new codes and 2017 effect on old codes
  • Agenda

    • How Did Change Occur?
    • Process for Change Codes - Including Moderate Sedation
    • Process for Changing Codes - Moderate (Conscious) Sedation
    • Procedures Listed in Appendix G
    • Moderate Sedation
    • NEW 2017 CPT CODES
    • NEW 2017 - HCPCS Code
    Jill M Young, CPC, CEDC, CIMC

    About The Author

    Jill M Young, CPC, CEDC, CIMC

    Jill has over 30 years of medical experience with a diverse background in all areas from clinical to billing, and many different physician specialties. She has been published in a wide range of periodicals and presented many audio conferences and webinars. She gives educational lectures for the Michigan State Medical Society and other national organizations, including The Coding Institute (TCI) and Eli Research. Jill also presents AAPC workshops and often speaks at AAPC’s National Conference. She is an original member of the AAPCCA board of directors and loves meeting AAPC members at chapter meetings, National Conference, and in her everyday work as a consultant.

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    Two ways to register for this event
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