Need Help with Membership?

Need Help with Membership?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Member Maintenance

  • When will my membership expire?

    If membership payment or arrangements are not made by your expiration date, your membership will expire.

  • When will my credential(s) be revoked?

    If membership payment/arrangements are not made or CEUs are not submitted within 90 days of your renewal date, your credential will be revoked.

  • When do I get my Final Notice for renewal?

    Your Final Notice is sent via letter 75 days after your due date. You have 15 days to submit your payment and/or CEUs before a cancellation is processed.

  • When will I receive notice of my membership dues?

    Members are sent the following notices:

    • 90-day CEU notice by email (if you have CEUs due that year)
    • 45-day notice by mail and email
    • 15-day notice by email
    • 1-day past-due notice by email
    • 30-day past-due notice by email

    Throughout this period, we attempt to contact members at least two times by phone.

  • Could I still be a student member if I am certified?

    Once you are certified, you are no longer considered a student.

  • Is there a payment plan for renewing membership?

    • There is a $20 fee, which is included in the breakdown. Payment breakdown is a 2 month plan: $105 and $105, or a 3 month plan: $70, $70, $70 prior to renewal month or in renewal month. Sales tax, if applicable, will be added to the first payment.
    • Credit/Debit Card Only
    • The first payment will be charged the day we set up the payment plan and the following payments will be charged automatically on the same day of the subsequent months (some exceptions apply). Please keep in mind once set up, the dates and card cannot be changed.
    • This is for individual member renewals ($190 + $20 Fee).
    AAPC will make multiple attempts to contact members. However, ensuring payment and membership renewal at the appropriate time is the member's responsibility.
  • Is emeritus membership available?

    Emeritus membership is intended for certified members who are retired. You can renew your membership with emeritus status and maintain all the benefits of membership. The emeritus member must:
    • Be 60 years of age or older on date of renewal
    • Have previously held an AAPC credential for at least two years
    • Submit a reduced annual member fee of $70
    • Submit a copy of a photo ID and signed statement attesting they are retired
    Note: There is no CEU requirement for Emeritus members.

Corporate Membership

  • How do I add/remove someone to my corporate account?

    The corporate contact can make the changes to their account using the corporate online page. This is available to the contact by logging in to their online account. If they need to pay for additional spaces, they can take care of this online or receive a price quote to submit with a check. We also have a Change Request Form where they can list who they would like to add/remove and submit to us for processing. This is available online – either on their corporate page or Corporate Membership info page.

  • How will my CEUs be prorated?

    CEUs are calculated at 1.5 per month (more for multiple credentials). They will be prorated to match the corporate membership renewal date.

    If renewal falls on an even month (February, April, June, etc.), CEUs will be submitted on even years (2018, 2020, etc.). If renewal falls on an odd month (January, March, May, etc.), CEUs will be submitted on odd years (2019, 2021, etc.).

    CEU due dates are subject to change. We encourage all members to review their account online after corporate addition.

  • If I leave the company, how do I renew my membership on my own?

    Pay the $190 renewal fee and submit CEUs (if due that year) by your renewal date, and you will be automatically taken off of the corporate membership and be responsible for your own membership. Or, the corporate contact can email AAPC with the request to have you removed. At that point, you will receive a letter stating that you have been removed and telling you what steps you need to take to renew on your own.

  • Do I have to fill out the Corporate Renewal Form again?

    Yes, it must be filled out completely every year. To avoid updating paperwork, renew online.

  • I already paid for an individual membership, will I be refunded?

    If you have paid on your own and are going to be added to a corporate membership, individual membership dues are not refundable. We suggest you wait to be added until your individual membership expires. The corporate contact is required to notify the individual member when they are being added so they don’t renew on their own.

  • Do I submit my CEUs with my corporate membership?

    No, you enter them in on the CEU tracker to be submitted online.

  • Can I be added to my company’s corporate membership?

    Yes, your corporate contact has to request it. If you are unsure who your corporate contact is, please call the AAPC.

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