Is there a payment plan for renewing membership?

Yes, following the rules listed here:

  • This is available to US members and can be arranged by phone only.

  • There is a $20 fee, which is included in the breakdown. Payment breakdown is a 2 month plan: $115 and $115, or a 3 month plan: $77, $76.50, $76.50 prior to renewal month or in renewal month. Sales tax, if applicable, will be added to the first payment.

  • Credit/Debit Card Only

  • The first payment will be charged the day we set up the payment plan and the following payments will be charged automatically on the same day of the subsequent months (some exceptions apply). Please keep in mind once set up, the dates and card cannot be changed

  • This is for individual member renewals ($210 + $20 Fee)

AAPC will make multiple attempts to contact members. However, ensuring payment and membership renewal at the appropriate time is the member's responsibility.

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