A Live Look at Codify by AAPC


Discover the easiest way to streamline your revenue cycle with Codify by AAPC. We're inviting you to join our live webinar where we'll preview the UB-04 Claim Scrubber, coming soon.

Codify is more than just code lookup for inpatient services. It enhances team-wide precision and compliance, simplifying workflows across your entire organization. Both inpatient and outpatient facilities, payers, providers, and auditing teams can enjoy comprehensive tools that can improve productivity by 40%, including:

  • NEW! ---> UB-04 Claim Scrubber

  • CCI Edits Checker

  • Cross Walks

  • LCD Lookup

  • RVU Calculator 

  • CMS/MPFS Fee Schedules

Register to see Codify by AAPC in action - a smarter way to streamline your revenue cycle awaits!

NOTE: This free thought leadership webinar has not been approved for any CEUs.

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