Tips to Unlock the Profit Potential of Your Coding Department


Healthcare costs continue to rise every year. For organizations rendering medical services, the cost of staffing may be the greatest expense. However, adequately staffing your business is the backbone for providing high-quality care while keeping your facility in the green.  The value of certified coders is priceless. These trained individuals specialize in abstracting pertinent data from medical records and translating it into codes to submit to a payer.

Certified coders and billers are an integral part of reducing and preventing claim denials and are well positioned to become medical auditors, trainers, and managers within your organization, making employee retention an attainable strategic goal. In addition, employing certified staff who are passionate about their careers will result in significant ROI for your business. During this webinar, we discuss:  

  • The difference between revenue and cost centers in healthcare 

  • Why certified coders are crucial to hospitals, physician practices, urgent care centers, etc. 

  • An AAPC Audit Services case where an analysis was performed on a practice before and after using certified coders 

  • Actions your practice can take to ensure coding staff is profitable 

    This webinar is especially useful for Revenue Cycle Managers, Billing Managers, and Coding Managers. 

    Please note:
    this webinar has not been approved for AAPC CEU credit.

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