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Application for book submission

At AAPC, we strive to curate a selection of books that resonate with our members and their professional interests. Before proposing a book for inclusion, please review the following criteria. It's important to note that AAPC retains the discretion to accept or decline submissions at our sole discretion.

  1. Discount: The book must offer a member-exclusive discount of at least 20% off the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

  2. Pricing: AAPC will purchase the book at a rate no higher than 60% of the MSRP.

  3. Refund Policy: The book must come with a refund policy extending at least 90 days.

  4. Acceptance Policy: AAPC reserves the right to accept or reject submitted books for any reason.

  5. Non-Compete Clause: We do not accept books that directly compete with our own brand's offerings, including code books, materials for our PMCC curriculum, and study guides.

  6. Endorsement Policy: AAPC does not provide endorsements for any books listed on our website. However, vendors are welcome to utilize our platform for book sales through website or other advertising channels.

  7. Pre-Selling: We do not list books for pre-sale on our website. Books must be available in print before being featured.

  8. Submission Materials: In addition to the book title, we require a cover photo, a sample of a few pages, and a brief synopsis or purpose statement if the title alone is insufficient. We display the MSRP, membership discount, and member price for transparency.

Thank you for considering AAPC as a platform for your book. We look forward to potentially showcasing your work to our valued members.

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