Brand and Media Kit

Your one-stop shop for AAPC brand assets, guidelines, video, photos, and story ideas.

Brand Guide

When it comes to medical coding or branding, we’re no strangers to good guidelines. With you in mind (plus careful consideration and meticulous detail), we’ve re-envisioned the look and feel of our brand with the same values that guided us for more than 30 years.

This brand evolution covers our brand voice and visuals to give our partners guidelines for best using our brand. These guidelines are designed to help you use our new look and assets without needing to negotiate agreements to use each time.

Need help using the official AAPC logo or brand color? You can find that and much more by downloading the AAPC Brand Guide.

Media Kit

Our team has assembled this media kit to provide a broad overview of who we are, what we do, and and its impact on our community and customers.

Additional Resources

We take pride in the AAPC brand and recognize the importance of representing not only ourselves well but our members too. Below we've provided additional resources for our partners use in accordance to the AAPC Brand Guide.


Our logo is our most recognized asset. That’s why were so protective of it. So, make sure to read through our Brand Guide before you decide how you want to use it.


AAPC Videos

We have a large library of videos you can use and embed however you wish. They are all stored on our YouTube Channel. So, head over there to find what you need.