Certification cancellation and reinstatement policy

Reinstatement Policy

As fellow coders, billers, and auditors, we know how hard you worked to earn your certification. We also know how much harder job prospects can be without a certification. If your credential(s) cancelled within the last three years, you can request a reinstatement of your credential without re-testing.

To reinstate your credential(s):

  • First, you will need to pay missing membership fees and submit any missed CEU requirements.

  • In addition, a $200 reinstate fee will be required.

  • If your credential(s) cancelled more than three years ago or if you prefer not to go through the reinstatement requirements listed above, you can simply re-take the certification exam(s). An active AAPC membership is required to take any of our certification exams.

Payments made during the reinstatement process are non-refundable/non-transferrable. When payment in full is made and all CEU requirements are satisfied, AAPC will reinstate your certification(s).

If cancellation occurred within the last year, please refer to our Credential Reinstate Calculator. If it’s been longer than a year, please simply contact us.