Auditing Software and Services.

When you’re looking for auditing solutions, we have your answers. We have auditing experts that ensure accuracy and compliance. And we have an intelligent, all-in-one solution designed by those same experts. Either way, you get peace of mind during an otherwise challenging process.

Audit Manager

We designed the ultimate, all-in-one audit management solution with organizations like yours in mind. Featuring a simplified audit workflow and a host of features, Audit Manager takes the guess work out of the audit process and provides peace of mind. Features include:

  • Cloud-Based Access
  • Real-Time Editing and Claim Alerts
  • Customizable Audit Guidelines

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Audit Services

Our nationwide network of credentialed auditors ensure your organization is HIPAA compliant and will deliver timely, accurate results. By leveraging our unique scoring and reporting methodology, you can save and optimize what matters most: time and money. Services include:

  • Medical Chart Review
  • MR Coding & Documentation Review
  • Audit Validation

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