Clinical Coding Professional — Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Clinical Coding Professional — Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (CCP-KSA) certification

Take the CCP-KSA Exam and become a Clinical Coding Professional in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NOTE: This certification is for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only.

As the medical coding industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rapidly expanding, there has never been a greater need for skilled, certified professionals to fill clinical coding roles. Now is the time stand out with a certification.

After successfully passing the CCP-KSA certification exam, you will be awarded the Clinical Coding Professional credential — the gold standard in clinical coding. This credential is internationally recognized by governments and employers around the world.

Adding this credential to your name proves to employers you have the specific jobs skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful medical coder in both inpatient and outpatient settings within the Saudi Arabia healthcare market.

Exam format

40 multiple-choice questions and 9 case studies

Online exam options

The exam is only available online. It can be taken remotely or at a central exam center location in Riyadh.

Time allowed

Exams are administered in one sitting, with four hours to complete the exam.

Equipment required for exam

You will need access to a computer and reliable high-speed internet. The computer will need to include a downloaded version of the TurboCoder code lookup tool and an external camera. 

Experience requirements

A high-level knowledge of medical terminology, human anatomy, and pathophysiology.

If you don’t have prior training in these areas, we recommend you take our prerequisite course: Fundamentals of Medicine.

Already up to speed? Start with our CCP-KSA training course.

Approved code books

No code books are allowed while taking the exam — students will have access to the TurboCoder code lookup tool.

Maintaining your certification

To maintain your credential, you must maintain your AAPC annual membership, and earn 16 continuing education units (CEUs) every two years.


The exam must be purchased as part of a bundle with the CCP-KSA training course. The cost of this bundle is 11,390 SAR ($3,030 USD) and includes the following:

  • CCP-KSA training course

  • Exam voucher

  • Code lookup tool

  • AAPC membership

Of note: Students who train with AAPC are three times more likely to pass the certification exam. And, 80% of AAPC students pass on the first exam attempt.

What students are saying

  • Lamontica Alexander


    It hasn't even been a year since I passed my exam and I've had 3 remote job offers, with no experience.

    Lamontica Alexander

  • Joe Delgado testimonial


    It's worth it I swear. Invest into it and it will reward you!

    Joe Delgado

  • Nilayana Sterling testimonial


    As a stay at home mom and homeschooling two kids, it was a challenge; but if I can do, so can you all.

    Nilayana Sterling

  • Danielle Ledford student testimonial


    I took the online AAPC course. It was full of useful information and I passed my test the first time.

    Danielle Ledford

Competencies proven with CCP-KSA credential include

  • Accurately apply coding conventions when assigning diagnoses and procedure codes for outpatient and admitted care (inpatient and day cases)

  • Understand and apply the official ICD-10-AM coding guidelines

  • Provide practical application of coding outpatient and admitted care (inpatient and day cases) charts

  • Understand Saudi Health Insurance system and regulatory requirements

  • Understand and apply data requirements for MOH-MDS (ministry of health minimum data specifications)

  • Understand and apply the SFDA, GMDN and GTIN coding classifications for pharmaceuticals and medical devices

  • Understand and apply the Australian dental association (ADA) coding classification

  • Understand and apply KSA service, ambulatory transport, lab and pathology coding classifications

  • Understand related medical terminology and anatomy

  • Identify inconsistencies in clinical documentation and ways to improve

  • Coding competency for a wide variety of patient services using Saudi billing system procedure classification and coding standards, ICD-10-AM, and AR-DRG classification

About the CCP-KSA exam

The CCP-KSA exam will test your ability to translate services and diagnoses using the correct application of ICD-10-AM diagnosis codes, Saudi Billing System (SBS) procedure coding classification and billing standards, and AR-DRG for coding and billing of medical claims in the outpatient setting and admitted care (inpatient and day cases).

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