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Code: E11.21

Code Name: ICD-10 Code for Type 2 diabetes mellitus with diabetic nephropathy

Block: Diabetes mellitus (E08-E13)

Details: Type 2 diabetes mellitus with diabetic nephropathy
Type 2 diabetes mellitus with intercapillary glomerulosclerosis
Type 2 diabetes mellitus with intracapillary glomerulonephrosis
Type 2 diabetes mellitus with Kimmelstiel-Wilson disease


Use additional code to identify control using:insulin (Z79.4)
oral antidiabetic drugs (Z79.84)
oral hypoglycemic drugs (Z79.84)

Includes: diabetes (mellitus) due to insulin secretory defect
diabetes NOS
insulin resistant diabetes (mellitus)

Excludes1: diabetes mellitus due to underlying condition (E08.-)
drug or chemical induced diabetes mellitus (E09.-)
gestational diabetes (O24.4-)
neonatal diabetes mellitus (P70.2)
postpancreatectomy diabetes mellitus (E13.-)
postprocedural diabetes mellitus (E13.-)
secondary diabetes mellitus NEC (E13.-)
type 1 diabetes mellitus (E10.-)

Guidelines: Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases (E00-E89)

Excludes 1:transitory endocrine and metabolic disorders specific to newborn (P70-P74)

Note: All neoplasms, whether functionally active or not, are classified in Chapter 2. Appropriate codes in this chapter (i.e. E05.8, E07.0, E16-E31, E34.-) may be used as additional codes to indicate either functional activity by neoplasms and ectopic endocrine tissue or hyperfunction and hypofunction of endocrine glands associated with neoplasms and other conditions classified elsewhere.
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Hi ICD-10 Coders,

How you will code in icd-10 DM type 2 with diabetic Neuropathy uncontrolled? I coded as E11.40 for diabetic neuropaty and E11.65 for uncontrolled Diabetes. Is this correct? or do I have to use only E11.40? I know that in ICD-10 we do not have Uncontrolled anymore but the provider documented because the patient Blood Sugar was High. He did not say anything about hypergycemia.