Medicare Learning Network CEUs

Niceville, FL
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Okay, I have a few questions here.

I completed a course yesterday and recieved a certificate of completion for that course. However, the certificate did not state I recieved CEUs. The MLN (Medicare Learning Network) website told me to save the details page with the index number and the amount of CEUs it was worth (which I did.)

I entered in the index # and the date I completed the course on here and AAPC found the course and how much it was worth and now it's on my list of CEUs waiting to be submitted.

So, my question is - is this how the MLN website works? The certificates do not state the CEUs?

Another question. The course I took said the eligible date is 11/17/2009 to 11/17/2012. What exactly does that mean? Does it mean eligible to take the course within that time frame?

Also...if I took the course on (6/19/2012) and I have to submit my CEUs beginning of 2013, do I still get credit because I completed the course ON THAT DATE (within the eligiblity period?) and recieved a certificate of completion - or do I not because the "eligiblity date" itself expires before 2013 when I will be submitting my CEUs?

Please advise! Thanks!