Preferred Choice Coding

Albany, NY
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Preferred Choice Coding is pleased to offer:

• Coding Audit Services
A sample of new and existing patient records, either inpatient or outpatient, will be audited by an experienced, professional auditor. A detailed report will be issued with suggestions of how providers can maximize their reimbursement by correctly coding their services.

• Coding Support
Unsure of how to code a service or having difficulty obtaining reimbursement? Let PCC guide you in correctly coding your services or investigating coverage determinations that may be causing denials.

• Superbill/Encounter Form Review
Optimize your reimbursements by using an up-to-date charge slip that allows you to capture all services provided.
Learn how time can be used to obtain appropriate additional revenue and how even ordering and supervising home health care is a payable service. Complete a short questionnaire about the services you provide, submit your current encounter form, and let PCC make changes that will positively impact your bottom line.

• Training & Medical Billing Office Consulting
Currently available for practices in Upstate NY only. Submit a request for more information via our Contact Us page.