Revisit Coder's Productivity For Dermatology


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Greetings & Salutations Everyone,

As always I really enjoy reading all of your comments on various topics.
I find and value your different views to be very helpful in our line of work
and industry, but not to sound redundant I'd like to revisit the discussion on "Coder's Productivity". Could someone give me some feed back on (Dermatology only) biller's productivity doing data entry into an EPIC
billing system. I was told that the doctors do their own coding & that
their documentation is very thorough. I'm starting a new job as a billing & collection operations manager the first of August that has 11 Derm physicians. I came from a teaching physician hospital where they were only hung up on dollars and cents just how much money & RVU's generated in a day not coder's per item productivity.
Your help ASAP would be greatly appreciated. ::)


D. Bryant, M.A.,CPC