"I have been a PMCC Instructor since May 2006. The PMCC license and AAPC web site has been the motor behind my marketing. I have obtained 90% of my students from being listed on the AAPC web site. When a potential student is searching for an instructor, it is very reassuring to them to know that I am endorsed by AAPC. I am a huge advocate of being licensed each year!"

Lashelle Walker, CPC, CPC-I, ROCC

Become a Licensed Instructor

Medical coders are in demand. Being a Professional Medical Coding Instructor affords you the opportunity to expand your medical coding career into a business of your own. AAPC's Medical Coding Training is a classroom based curriculum you can provide to employers, community members and local colleges to prepare individuals for certification and a successful coding career.

Medical coding jobs are in demand. AAPC certified instructors are heroes in their community and the industry as they teach the medical coders of tomorrow.


Instructor Certification Requirements

  • Must be an AAPC certified member in good standing
  • Must have at least five (5) years of medical coding experience
  • Must complete an Instructor Certification workshop
  • Must purchase Certified Instructor License
  • Must submit eight (8) CTUs (Continuing Teaching Units) each year, once licensed

Have questions? Contact Kris Taylor at 800-626-2633 ext. 104 | kris.taylor@aapc.com


  • AAPC exclusive curricula - published and authored by AAPC
    • Medical Coding Training: CPC - Sample CPC Curriculum
    • Medical Coding Training: Practical Application CPC
    • Medical Coding Training: COC (formerly CPC-H)


  • $55 membership discount and $40 CPC® / COC™ (formerly CPC-H®) exam discounts for your students
  • Free CPC® or COC™ (formerly CPC-H®) online practice exam for your students - 50 questions ($59.95 value)
  • Free AAPC Coder subscription (one per license) ($299.95 value)
  • Free CEU vendor applications and no registration fee ($360-$1,000 value)
  • 50% off specialty coding study guides

Online Resources / Tools

  • Audio lectures and PowerPoint presentations for each curriculum chapter
  • Automatic Exam Generator which allows you to customize quizzes for your course (CPC® only)
    • Test bank for each chapter - over 1,000 total questions available
  • Classroom aids - includes handouts and administrative paperwork
  • Private Instructor forum - collaborate with other instructors across the country
  • Regular Instructor News & Updates - important information from AAPC - keep up-to-date on changes
  • Online coding assignments - 50 specialty-based op notes available to create online student assignments (CPC® only)
  • View student certification exam results for each of your students (with permission)
  • Purchase books, exams, and memberships for students
  • Manage license information, add/remove instructors (administrative interface)
  • Free listing on AAPC website; list course offerings, bio, photos, and much more
    • Online Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for potential medical coding students (i.e. "medical coding jobs")
    • Active marketing by AAPC to recruit non-certified and student medical coders
    • 50,000 page views each month to search tool page
  • Proctor exams on site and when your students are ready


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