Employee Assessments

The Practicode Employee Assessment is comprised of 20 Exercise assessments for employers to evaluate coding proficiency of new employees. The Employee Assessments can also be administered to existing employees to test proficiency on a new specialty.

Price: $45 - $1,100

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Assess Employees

Practicode - 20 Exercises

Have access to general and specialty focused modules to assess your employees, contractors, or candidate employees.

Identify the strength and weaknesses of new hires and work with them to master areas they are less familiar.

Employee Assessment Features

Evaluation Tool for Employers

If you employ coders, use Practicode to assess the skills of your medical coding employees, contractors and candidates. Employers can also use Practicode for cross training and to prepare coders for ICD-10.

Real World Cases

Practicode includes actual charts and medical documentation. You will be able to assess coding proficiency and skills of potential or existing employees.

Web Based

Practicode is Web-based. Employees or potential employees can access Practicode anywhere with internet access.

Multiple Specialties

Practicode contains cases from multiple specialties. Assign employees or potential employees specific specialties to assess proficiency and skill.