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AAPC Associate

Member Recognition Program

AAPC Associates have hands on experience and successful results.

This important designation speaks to your commitment to the healthcare industry. AAPC Associates are given discounted access to the pertinent training needed to be optimally effective as they advance in their career.

AAPC Associates are experienced in their position within the business of healthcare. This status indicates achievement and continuous adherence to the ethical and professional standards of AAPC. Designations are earned and require proof of sustained excellence in your job performance within the business of healthcare. If your application is accepted you will be committed to promoting and sharing the highest standards, developing others and improving yourself.


Recognition :

  • Recognition by colleagues and employers as a member of a very select group
  • Use of the Designation (ex: Mary Smith, CPC, AAPC Associate)
  • AAPC Associate Member Card
  • Frame-able AAPC Associate Certificate
  • AAPC Associate Icons used online and in coder search
  • All newly appointed AAPC Associate are publicly recognized in the HBM Magazine
  • Special Conference Ribbons and networking events
  • 10% discount at national and regional AAPC conferences - save up to $100

Basic eligibility requirements for the AAPC Associate designation:

  • Certification
    Only AAPC certified members in good standing are considered

  • Experience
    3 Years

    A minimum of 3 years of work experience (and or educational equivalents) in the business of healthcare is required, which includes: Audit/Compliance, Billing, Coding, Denials/Collections, Documentation (as a Physician or Provider, or as a CDI Specialist), Health IT, Revenue Cycle Consultant, or a Manager or Educator in the business of healthcare. Apprentices (i.e. CPC-A) are not allowed to receive educational equivalents to meet the experience requirement. Candidates may apply education credit to the work experience requirement for each of the following:

    • 18 (additional) AAPC CEUs: 1 years’ work experience requirement
    • Bachelor’s: 1 years’ work experience requirement
    • Master’s: 2 years’ work experience requirement
    • Ph. D, or M.D.: 4 years’ work experience requirement
  • Continuing Subject Matter Expertise
    Per the requirements of each credential held by the applicant

    To qualify a member must be AAPC certified and current in all associated Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

  • Community Involvement
    5 Engagement Points

    AAPC Associates are role models and required to display leadership by active engagement with the healthcare community. The AAPC Associate designation requires 5 engagement points over the last 24 months to be considered. Points are earned as follows and may be combined in any way:


    • Mentoring a CPC-A extern
    • Attending a Local Chapter meeting (max. 5)
    • Taking a new guest to a Local Chapter meeting
    • Loyalty - Each year of AAPC Membership (max. 5)


    • Writing and delivering an educational group presentation (each unique topic)
    • Authoring an AAPC Blog, HBM article
    • Posting a 200+ word educational AAPC post in social media
    • Previously served 1 year on the NAB, BOD, or as a Local Chapter Officer (over the past 20 years)


    • Attending an AAPC conference in the past 24 months
    • Authoring a White Paper, or Book (minimum of 20 pages)


    • Current year of leadership service: NAB, BOD, or Local Chapter (LC meeting points are bundled and not separately reportable)
  • Employer/Client Recommendation
    A signed Employer Recommendation Form

    The AAPC Associate designation requires an acknowledgment of competency and merit from within the healthcare industry by a current employer or client that has personally observed the work or work results of the applicant.

  • 500-word Article
    Demonstrating healthcare expertise

    Applicants must validate their industry knowledge by writing an article at least 500 words long in a word processing program (i.e. Microsoft Word), covering a healthcare topic of their choosing. Writing skills should indicate their level of professionalism, but applications will not be judged or denied on the basis of writing abilities. Since AAPC reserves the right to consider these articles for future publication, applicants must indicate if the article has been previously published anywhere or if it cannot be published by AAPC for any reason.

UPDATE: As we evaluate this pilot program, we will be making some changes to the future application and renewal process. We are not accepting any new applications at this time. Check back soon for the updated version of the Recognition Program!

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  • All application answers must be true and complete to the best of your knowledge. If this application leads to acceptance in the AAPC Earned Recognition program, false or misleading information may result in an ethics violation penalty up to and including revoking certification and membership from AAPC.
  • If accepted, you are required to complete additional CEUs (at a discounted cost) that focus on technology and industry news within 12 months. If training is not complete, recognition will be revoked.
  • Your application and any attachment associated with it may be audited and investigated including contacting employers and references that are mentioned within the application.
  • Your name may be used on the AAPC website, or other AAPC publication, showing your status under this recognition program.
  • If approved, the recognition title to your signature line must be used within AAPC rules as follows: Jane Doe, CPC, CEMC, AAPC Fellow.
  • Recognition titles can be revoked, with or without cause, for any reason at the sole discretion of the AAPC.
  • If you do not provide the required documentation, as defined in section 3c and 4 of the application, your application will be rejected.
  • Recognition status will begin on the date is it granted, if granted, and will expire 12 months later or sooner if your membership expires or if you fail to maintain your certification.
  • If your application is rejected or if your title is revoked without cause, AAPC will refund the application fee minus $25.00 in processing fees. Cause is related to misrepresenting the truth, failure to keep promised educational commitments, lapse in membership or certification status, ethics violations, speaking unfavorably or unprofessionally about AAPC in public without first discussing concerns in writing with the AAPC, conduct that is contrary to justice, honesty, or morality, and any other act that AAPC considers a violation of the earned recognition given to you under this program.
  • You must reapply with engagement points and the required CEUs annually to remain in the recognition program.

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