Navigating the Opioid Crisis: Ensure Compliance & Avoid Reporting Errors


The Opioid Crisis is a top killer in the United States, and with improved strategies to combat this deadly disease come rules and regulations that we must maneuver to stay compliant, safe, and provide the best care. As this service line grows, if not done correctly, it can be fraught with fraud and abuse. Healthcare leaders need to understand how to provide these much-needed services to an at-risk population — while avoiding errors in billing and reporting.  

In this webinar, Heather Greene will cover the topic of behavioral health with a focus on the opioid crisis and post-pandemic challenges. She’ll explore the overall CMS quadruple aim, opioids, and reporting guidelines for diagnosis and treatment, and more.

Watch today to gain the knowledge and tools to provide safe, compliant, and effective care to vulnerable populations.

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