Educating Providers on the Gray Areas of the 2021 E/M Guidelines


The 2021 Outpatient E/M Guidelines brought the most significant changes to Evaluation and Management services in nearly 25 years. As expected, the implementation of the new guidelines had a major impact on E/M accuracy rates across all specialties. In addition, some gray areas made interpretation of the guidelines difficult for providers, coders, and auditors.  

Watch this webinar, where we’ll tackle some of those gray areas and answer questions like: 

  • How do you determine risk when there is no treatment, or the patient decides to forego treatment? 

  • Is it necessary to document a history and exam? 

  • How do social determinants of health affect the risk of patient treatment options? 

  • How do you determine a stable vs unstable condition if the documentation is unclear? 

  • When should the service be leveled on time rather than MDM and what is considered a separately, billable service? 

  • What patient / procedure risk factors affect the service? 

*Please note this webinar has not been approved for AAPC CEU credit.

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