Improving E/M Accuracy: The One Strategy Your Team Should Know


Are your physicians correctly applying the 2021 E/M Guidelines in their medical record documentation? Have your coders adapted to the new clinical approach of coding office visit E/M services? We're several months into the updated guidelines and E/M accuracy rates have decreased, with services being under-coded by 19%, on average.

Empower your team to thrive under the new guidelines - and safeguard your business - with our webinar "Improving E/M Accuracy: The One Strategy Your Team Should Know." Watch the webinar on-demand to:

  • Learn which specialties have been impacted the most by the 2021 E/M Guidelines

  • Review the top challenges physicians and coders face when adapting to the new requirements

  • Explore a new approach to the E/M Guidelines that will help coders think more clinically

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