Dental Billing and Codingwith Medical Cross Coding

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In modern dentistry, the connection of science and technology to daily practice has accelerated advancements and elevated outcomes. The evolution of dentistry has mirrored that of general medicine in many ways, but the two have largely remained distinct. As business industries, differing payment methodologies have separated the two, a separation that is progressively becoming less defined. Key differences exist between medical insurance and dental insurance beyond the services they cover. Dental coding and billing lie at the intersection of those differences. And it's a busy intersection.

This course focuses on competencies of medical coding and billing as they relate to dentistry. It also covers dental coding and billing basics and "cross coding," a popularized term for submitting claims to patients' medical insurance for dental services. While dental coding and billing is simplified by practice software like Dentrix®, SoftDent®, and others, coding and billing for medical insurance is nuanced and complex. Pairing the two creates a puzzle that, when assembled correctly, represents revenue for a dental practice. The content in this course is a primer to successful puzzle assembly.

This course includes:

  • Dental specialties, Anatomy, and Terminology
  • Overview of ICD-10-CM
  • Neoplasms, Digestive, and Z-codes
  • Introduction to CPT®, HCPCS Level II, and Modifiers
  • Introduction to CDT by section
  • Billing and Revenue Cycle
  • Claim Forms
  • Cross Coding
  • Sleep Apnea, TMJ, Tissue Abnormalities, Third Molar Extractions
  • Final Assessment

Additional Information:

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the purpose of the CDT®, CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II code books
  • Understand and apply the official ICD-10-CM coding guidelines related to dental diagnoses
  • Apply coding conventions when assigning diagnoses and procedure codes
  • Identify and define the CDT® categories of service
  • Explain and contrast the dental and medical billing and revenue cycle process
  • Assign codes for dental services using CDT, CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II codes
  • Identify basic dental and oral cavity anatomy
  • Apply dental terminology and universal tooth numbering system

Final Assessment:

  • 35 Questions
  • Multiple choice
  • Coding cases from real world, redacted records
  • Must be completed within 75 minutes
  • 70% passing score required
  • Two attempts are allowed

Dental Billing and Coding with Medical Cross Coding

Required Books:

Recommended Books:

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Highly Recommended

  • Completion of a professional coding course, or 1 year of ProFee coding experience recommended as a prerequisite.

Required Code Books

  • CDT® Dental Procedure Codes 2020, ADA publisher
  • CDT® Coding Companion 2020, ADA publisher
  • CPT® Professional Edition code book 2020, AMA publisher
  • ICD-10-CM code book 2020, any publisher

Recommended Books

  • Medical dictionary, any publisher
  • HCPCS Level II code book 2020, any publisher

Computer With:

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