CENTC™: Otolaryngology Coding Training

  • CENTC™ Study Guide
    CENTC™ Study Guide
  • Practice Exam
    Practice Exam
  • CENTC™ Exam
    CENTC™ Exam

Step 1 CENTC™ Certification Study Guide (Highly Recommended)

The CENTC™ study guide provides a comprehensive review of otolaryngology coding with practical examples, E/M guidelines, testing techniques, and questions designed to mimic the actual exam. It was developed by the same individuals responsible for the exam.

Step 2 CENTC™ Online Practice Exam (Highly Recommended)

This 50-question practice exam is taken online and offers the BEST means to gauge your readiness for the actual exam. This online practice exam is op-note based and emulates the format, content, and difficulty level of the actual certification exam.