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Practicode FAQ

General Questions

  • Practicode records are updated annually and will automatically update for users
  • Practicode is set up to accept 2 years codes (i.e. 2017 or 2018 codes can be used, when new 2019 codes are released the system will accept 2018 or 2019 codes)
  • Once purchased, you will receive an email that includes a link from learningportal@aapc.com, giving you access instantly.
  • To access Practicode click on the resources tab and select Practicode.
  • Use your login and password provided in the registration email to access Practicode.

CEU's are not currently available with Practicode.

  • Extensions can be purchased for the price of $29.95, giving you access to the content to the end of the next month.
  • Each assessment (except COC) requires codes to be entered in RVU work order because every CPT code has been assigned a relative value unit (RVU) and they are determined based on the resources necessary to the physician’s performance of the service. Assigning these services in the proper sequence based on a highest to lowest RVUs can ensure proper payment. When submitting the claims, listing the codes in the wrong order may lower your reimbursements. This proper sequencing is crucial when it comes to reimbursement because if a lower RVU code is billed first, it will be reimbursed fully while the higher RVU code will be paid at a reduced rate thus lowering the overall reimbursement. Because of this we have required that the procedure codes are listed in Work RVU order and cannot give you credit for reporting your coding in the wrong order.
  • Email Practicode@aapc.com if you have questions regarding the coding for a case.
  • Practicode is not a coached product.
    • We do make every effort to provide assistance should you be stuck, however, the rationales provided with the content will assist with most questions.
  • To print your certificate from the course you can go into the learning plan, look at the green bar on the table of contents side, it will state download certificate, click that for your certificate.
  • If you access to the course has expired you can go to your User Menu in the Learning Center (the 3-lined button upper left-hand corner), then click on My Activities, then Learning Plans, if you earned a certificate a black ribbon icon will be visible at the end of the line that contains the course title. Click the icon to download.

Practicum FAQ's

  • All users are provided 18 months to complete the content from the date of enrollment.
  • Extension can be purchased to extend your access to all for completion. (See Extension question for more details)
  • By completing CPC-A Practicum, you earn one-year experience toward removal of your apprentice "A."
  • Build your resume and gain real-world experience by coding 600+ actual medical records. (You will want to add this to your education experience as an internship type experience).
  • Upon successful completion of the program you will receive an internship/externship recommendation letter with details about the program that you can use in your employment search.
  • No score is required to complete Practice Modules.
  • The practice modules are intended to be used as practice. Because of this we allow one (1) attempt per case for the modules. However, you can review the case and the correct coding as many times as you like for as long as you have access to the content.
  • Each assessment in the Practicums require a 70% minimum and 3 attempts are provided.
  • If you purchased the full CPC-A or COC-A Practicum a letter of completion experience will automatically be generated and sent to the Membership Department at AAPC.
    • If you purchased each module/assessment separately, call AAPC at 1-800-626-2633 so that we can process your experience toward your "A" removal.
  • You can review the case and the correct coding as many times as you like for as long as you have access to the content.

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