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Practicode FAQ

  • Records will be updated annually
  • Practicode is set up to accept two answers as correct answers, current year codes and next year codes.
  • When purchased as a stand alone product you are given one year to complete Practice Modules and CPC-A/COC-A Practicum.
  • When purchased with a distance learning course bundle you are given two years to complete CPC-A/COC-A Practicum.
  • Once purchased, you will receive a link, giving you access instantly.
  • To access Practicode click on the resources tab and select Practicode.
  • Use your AAPC user login and password to access Practicode.


Please call AAPC at 1-800-626-2633 when you have completed your exercises, so we can process "A" removal and add CEUs into your CEU tracker.

  • By completing CPC-A Practicum, you earn one year experience toward removal of your apprentice "A."
  • Build your resume and gain real-world experience by coding 600+ actual medical records.

Members can purchase extensions for the price of $29.95 a month.

No score required to complete Practice Modules.

Which certification is right for you?

Call 877-290-0440 or have a career counselor call you.

Questions about what books to order?

Call 877-524-5027 to speak with a specialist.