Master New Medical Coding Specialties

Successful medical coders know the key to creating and advancing their career path requires seeking opportunities to develop new skills. Showing an employer your expertise in the field requires exposure to the nuances of the specialty.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Our web-based assessments allow you to gain the skills you need to advance your career on your own time and in your own space. Practicode quantifies your medical coding technical proficiency. By measuring your knowledge in relevant skills, Practicode tells you your level and shows you what skills you need to work on to build your expertise.

With Practicode, you will:

  • See where you stand – pick your specialty or specialties to begin.
  • Speed up your success – discover the skill gaps holding you back in your role and fill them fast.
  • Receive immediate rationale explaining the correct code assignment
  • Earn 3 CEUs for successful completion of Specialty modules.

Behavioral Health $75.00 (Members: $55)
Cardiology $75.00 (Members: $55)
Dermatology $75.00 (Members: $55)
E/M $75.00 (Members: $55)
Emergency Department $75.00 (Members: $55)
General Surgery $75.00 (Members: $55)
Orthopedic $75.00 (Members: $55)
Otolaryngology (ENT) $75.00 (Members: $55)
Radiology $75.00 (Members: $55)
Family Practice $75.00 (Members: $55)
Gastroenterology $75.00 (Members: $55)
OB-GYN $75.00 (Members: $55)
Pediatrics $75.00 (Members: $55)
Internal Medicine $75.00 (Members: $55)
Urology $75.00 (Members: $55)
Neurology Specialty $75.00 (Members: $55)
Neurosurgery Specialty $75.00 (Members: $55)
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This section outlines our general expectations for you as a student in the Practicode program. If you anticipate any problems in meeting these expectations or should you require assistance or special accommodations in order for you to meet the expectations, please contact the Practicode/AAPC Learning Center team or your respective instructor.

Practicode Specialty Modules are comprised of 20 redacted medical records per module. Each specialty module must be completed with a score of 70% or higher to earn 3 CEUs.

  • Technology skills: These are the basic ones that you will need to participate in the course content.
    • Use of email to communicate with the Practicode Response Team, you should be able to send and receive email attachments.
    • Using Internet to access online course materials and any additional online resources you may want to use to complete the coding content.
      • Codify
      • AAPC RVU calculator (link available in the course)
      • Google Searching or whatever internet search tool works for you. (researching coding, procedures, tools to understand how procedures are performed)
    • Interpersonal skills for participating as a member of an online learning community: A key component of your Practicode coursework may be the need to participate in email ( and phone discussions with Practicode experts. During these communications it is expected that you will utilize "netiquette" (appropriate ways and tone of communicating online) of being an online student.

Course Requirements

Highly Recommended

Completion of a professional coding course, or 1 year of ProFee coding experience recommended as a prerequisite.

Required Code Books

  • AMA's CPT® Professional, previous or current year
  • ICD-10-CM, previous or current year
  • HCPCS Level II, previous or current year

Computer With:

  • High-speed Internet access with supported computer operating systems and Internet/Web browsers
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download available)
  • For best experience, use of a mobile device is not recommended

Course Policy

By purchasing any online course and other items, I certify that I have read and agree to the online course Terms and Conditions, the Course Requirements, and the Refund Policy.

This online course must be completed within an 1 year period or less from date of purchase (additional time extensions may be purchased for a monthly fee). Date of purchase is considered your course start date. After your order is processed you will receive further email instruction on course access.

Practicode Purchase Policy: Practicode is for individual use only and may not be copied, printed, shared, or disseminated. Each Practicode purchase entitles the user to one online connection. The use of Practicode for a group or more than the purchasing individual is prohibited. Only individuals owning a Practicode purchase, whether subscription or individual, will be given credit for Practicode's completion.

Practicode Support

  • Availability of instructors: The availability and responsiveness of Experts to online communication varies, depending on a number of factors such as the volume of questions submitted, and the research required to properly respond to the question. While after hours responses will occur; most replies will take between 24-48 hours upon receipt of the question. Questions submitted after hours, over the weekend, or during American national holiday’s will be responded to on the next business day based on volume of questions submitted it may take more than the first business day.

    Note: While emails are encouraged should you need assistance, Practicode is considered a non-coached course and emailed questions should be limited and are not advised for each case. If you find that you have feedback for multiple cases, but no coding questions please summarize your feedback and send as one email rather than individually. In the case of phone or online, although we may not always be able to accommodate you, you should email your “in-person” request to the Practicode team, the available response team member will work with you to schedule a time to hold a call.

  • Availability of administrative and support staff: Our support staff are available during the work week to provide assistance and support.

    In the case of technology support, AAPC does offer a Help Desk email that is staffed from 8am – 5pm mountain standard time (MST) Monday – Thursday and from 8am-4pm MST on Friday (but not around the clock).

  • Clear communication from Practicode Experts: Expect that Experts will convey their answers and feedback in a clear fashion.