CPC-A / COC-A Practicum

The CPC-A / COC-A Practicum is comprised of 3 modules each containing 200 actual, redacted medical records per module and 3 assessments requiring a proficiency of 70% or higher. This Practicum allows an individual to meet 1 year of coding experience toward the removal of the apprentice designation.

Price:$299 (no CEUs) or $469 (15 CEUs)

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Real cases to practice on

Practicode - 1 Year of Coding Experience

CPC-A / COC-A Practicum without CEUs provides another opportunity for obtaining your coding experience. Earn 1 year of experience upon completion.

CPC-A / COC-A Practicum with CEUs includes an additional practice module of 100 exercises (Professional Fee Module). This module does not require a specific proficiency to earn 15 CEUs.

Additional Features

Web Based

Practicode is web-based annual subscription application. Access and work on Practicode anywhere you have a computer with internet access. When purchased with an AAPC distance learning package, the user receives an additional year of service (24 months total).

Technology Based

Practicode lets you work at your pace. Instant results and feedback allows you to track progress to help you improve.

User Friendly

Practicode is easy to learn. The clean and intuitive interface allows you to be up and running in no time. Get the experience you need in a simple format.

Real World Cases

Practicode includes actual charts and medical documentation. Successfully studying these cases will give you on-the-job experience.

Extensive & Comprehensive

Experience real-world lessons in a compelling format. Each module provides numerous cases to give you many opportunities to practice.